Improve your Cryopreservation with BambankerTM

The cell freezing media BambankerTM permits cryopreservation of cells at -80°C (or in liquid nitrogen), obviating the need for an additional and expensive ultralow freezer and avoiding time consuming and complicated controlled freezing protocols. Simply (1) harvest cells, (2) aspirate medium, (3) resuspend in BambankerTM (4) transfer to a cryovial and (5) store at -80°C. No programmed or sequential freezing is required! BambankerTM is a serum-free cryopreservation medium that is delivered ready-to-use and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two years.



High survival rate for all cell lines

How much are your cells worth? BambamkerTM freezing media offer the unique combination of simplicity and high survivability. The results are simply miraculous. This product has been used extensively in Asia, where it was first developed, with a broad range of cell types. Recovery rates, even of sensitive cells, are much higher compared to regular cell freezing media. The vast majority of cell types show survivability greater than 50% with many approaching 90% or more. Important cell lines like hybridomas can have as high as 100% recovery after long-term storage. Even hematopoietic stem cells pose no problem. So come join the growing number of labs protecting their cell lines with BambankerTM.


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