Midori Green Xtra DNA-Farbstoff


Ultra-sensitive DNA signals and low background – Just a perfect signal

MIDORIGreen Xtra is a new highly sensitive green fluorescent stain for a safe visualization of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. This DNA stain is a safe and better alternative to the traditional nucleic acid stain ethidium bromide (EtBr). Remarkably, agarose gels stained with MIDORIGreen Xtra have a very low background fluorescence, which makes the identification of low amounts of DNA very easy. MIDORIGreen Xtra is optimized for Blue/Green and Blue LED light, leading to unbeatable fluorescence signals of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. When you are using UV-light we recommend MIDORIGreen Advance (also available as a sample!).


Detektion von DNA mittels des DNA-Farbstoffs MIDORI Green Xtra

Ultra-high sensitivity of DNA bands detected with MIDORIGreen Xtra. Left: Detection with a Blue/Green LED transilluminator. Right: Detection with a Blue LED transilluminator.


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