More safety in the lab! – Gel Doc System using innovative Blue/Green technology

More safety in the lab by avoiding UV light!

You can combine lab safety and excellent gel documentation using a gel doc system with innovative Blue/Green technology


We have been using the device for a few months and are very satisfied with it. It is easy to use and the device takes good pictures. Because no UV light is used, it is much more pleasant to cut bands out of the gel. …’

‘This Gel Doc equipment is really user friendly and the quality/price rate is really fair compared to the historic systems. You don’t need laptop or desktop to check and download your images… an app by Canon is enough. The Blue light is really powerful and avoids all the problems linked to UV lamp. A solid and less expensive alternative to the competitors.’

FAS-Digi PRO gel documentation of DNA and RNA in agarose gels

FastGene® FAS-Digi PRO – Gel Imaging System

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