Our plastic could help human regenerative dentistry

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is widely used in medical fields, e. g.  regenerative dentistry. The efficacy of this therapy is highly dependant on the quality of PRP. The condition of the plasma is normally determined using an automated hematology analyzer (AHA).


An alternative faster and more cost-effective method is  described in the following publication: a spectrophotometric assay. The group of Kitamura has analysed the platelet amount of pure PRP (P-PRP) and leukocytes-rich PRP(L-PRP) in a spectrophotometer at 615 nm. A highly transparent plastic is absolutely necessary for the assay. The group chose our plastic:

„PRP samples were transferred into 0.2 mL highly trans-parent PCR tubes (Nippon Genetics Co., Ltd., Tokyo,Japan) and were measured at 615 nm (range of wave-length 570–660 nm)”

Kitamura et al., 2018

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highly-transparent 0.2 mL PCR tube

The Paper is freely available here: