Cryopreservation media for the most sensitive cells

Bambanker DMSO Free

Catalogue number: BBF01

20 ml serum free freezing media for long storage of cells.


Key Benefits

  • DMSO-Free – for the most sensitiv cells
  • Enables long term cell storage at -80°C or -196°C
  • Improved cell recovery and viability after thawing
  • Ready-to-use freezing media – no programmed or sequential freezing required
  • Serum-free – no risk of contamination
  • Usable for all know cell lines
  • Long shelf life

No more DMSO – for the most sensitive cells

DMSO is added to most freezing reagents to help avoid formation of ice crystals, which of course harm the cells. However, DMSO is cytotoxic and can reduce the survival rate of certain sensitive cell lines. Bambanker DMSO Free is made without DMSO. Instead, it uses a unique formulation to avoid the formation of ice crystals. This makes Bambanker DMSO Free especially suitable for cell lines that proved to be sensitive to DMSO under long-term storage conditions.


Flexible cryopreservation media

There a four different version of BambankerTM:



The following cell lines have successfully been frozen with Bambanker DMSO-free:

1. Jurkat (Floating cells)

2. PC12  (Adrenal Pheochromocytoma, Rat) (Adhesive cells)

3. HepG2  (Adhesive cells)

4. Hela S3  (Epithelioid Carcinoma, Cervix, Human)(Adhesive cells)

5. HEK293T  (Transformed Primary Embryonal Kidney, Human)(Adhesive cells)

6. OKT4  (Floating cells)

7. Vero P4 (Kidney, African Green Monkey(Adhesive cells)

8. MDCK (Kidney, Canine)(Adhesive cells)

9. NIH3T3  (Embryonic Fibroblast, Mouse)(Adhesive cells)

Effect of DMSO on cell differentitation:

Jiang, C. et al. Down-regulation of TRRAP-dependent hTERT and TRRAP-independent CAD activation by Myc/Max contributes to the differentiation of HL60 cells after exposure to DMSO International Immunopharmacology, 6 (7), 1204-1213 (2006)

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