FastGene Gel/PCR Extraction Kit (300)

Catalogue number: FG-91302

FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kits are designed for the extraction of DNA from agarose gels and for the purification of PCR products.

DNA fragments purified with FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kits are ready for direct use in all common downstream applications, like sequencing, ligation and transformation, restriction digestion, microarray analysis, PCR and in vitro transcription.

Extra benefits

๏ In each Kit 5 Agarose Gel Band Cutter and 50 µl Midori Green Advance DNA stain (enough to stain 1l of agarose gels) are included

excise a DNA fragment out of agarose gelsMidori stains included - free of chargeagarose gel band cutter

Application data

The figure demonstrates that the FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit shows up to 90% of DNA recovery.

FastGene Gel/PCR purification kit

Fig. 1: PCR fragments of 300 bp were purified from 40 µl of a PCR stock solution using FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit and a competitor kit, according to manufacturers protocol. DNA was eluted in 20 µl elution buffer and 5 µl of eluate was analyzed on a 1,5% TAE agarose

The DNA recovery from agarose gels using FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kits is very high even for small fragments.

FastGene PCR purification

Fig. 2: 10 µl of a PCR stock solution with a 100 bp amplicon were applied on a TBE agarose gel. After electrophoresis the DNA was purified using a competitor kit and the FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit, according to manufacturers protocol. DNA was eluted in 20 µl elution buffer and 10 µl of eluate was analyzed on a 2% TAE agarose gel.
Lane 1: Unpurified PCR fragment; M = Marker
Lane 2,3 and 4: Supplier M
Lane 5,6 and 7: FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit

Parameter Gel Extraktion PCR Clean-up
Max. sample volume 300 mg Agarosegel 100 µl PCR Mix
Gel < 2,5% TAE oder TBE
Typical recovery 70-80% 80-90%
Binding capacity 10 µg 10 µg
DNA fragment length 50 bp – 10 kb 50 bp – 10 kb
Primer removal < 25 bp
Elution volume 20 – 50 µl 20 -50 µl
Prep time 20 minutes 20 minutes
Format spin column spin column


Manual for FG91302_FastGene Gel PCR Extraction Kit
Application Note
REmove DNA of plant sample.derived cloning inhibitors from agarose gel
FG-91202_FG GEL PCR Extraktion Kit_AN_2015_ 9
Extraction of large DNA fragments with the FastGene Gel/PCR Extraction Kit
FG-91202_FG GelPCR Extraktion Kit_AN_2016_11 (1)
Purification of PCR products of fine roots (endospermatis) of Cherry Trees
FG-91302_FG GelPCR Extraktion Kit_AN_2017_06
Insertion of moouse-derived osteoblast specific gene into expression vector

Is the GP1 buffer of this kit available separately like for the Mini Kit Buffer Set?

A: We do not sell GP1 separately or as a Buffer Set.


What is the composition of the GP3 Buffer (does it contain EDTA or EtOH)?

The elution buffer GP3 contains just 10 mM Tris Buffer pH8 and no EtOH or EDTA.


Can I use water for the elution and what pH has the water to have?

You can use water but we would recommend to use the GP3 buffer. The pH should be between 7 and 8. If you buy water this should be OK. Please check the elution efficiency. If this is not OK check the pH of the water or use GP3.

on 04/30/2018

For a considerably lower price, this kit allows purification of PCR products, as well as recovery of DNA from an excised gel, with yields comparable to the more expensive kits on the market. The workflow is the same/very similar to those of other PCR/Gel extraction kits. I can only recommend it.
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