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FastGene Optima PCR Kit with dNTP (250 U)

Catalogue number: LS28

250 Units FastGene® Optima PCR Kit with dNTP

The optimum of both polymerase families

The FastGene® Optima is a mixture of a highly purified Taq Polymerase and a modified type-B polymerase with proof-reading abilities. The enzymes are purified using three different chromatography technologies and result in a very high purity and very high activity. The FastGene® Optima is extremly robust and was developed for the standard PCR, difficult as well as very long amplicons of over 7.5 kBp.

Optima(l) robustness for very complex samples

The FastGene® Optima can handle very complicated templates. The highly purified Taq polymerase gives high efficiency while the proof-reading polymerase guarantees the fidelity. The robustness of both enzymes makes the amplification of complex tissue, such as liver (Fig. 1), possible.









Fig.1: Comparison between (A) Competitor T‘s and (B) FastGene® Optima polymerase mixture using the hard to amplify catshark liver DNA as template. The PCR product has a size of 1030 bp and was separated onto an 1.2% agarose gel. The FastGene® Optima produces much less primer dimers and has a higher amplification efficiency.

Optima(l) efficiency for GC-rich templates

Most polymerases have a very low amplification efficiency if the template DNA is GC-rich. As seen in Fig. 2, the FastGene® Optima has an excellent amplification efficiency even with GC-rich templates, which is even higher compared to the efficiency of polymerases especially designed for GC-rich templates (Fig. 2).












Fig. 2: Comparing the ability of Competitor T‘s and FastGene® Optima polymerase mixture to amplify GC-Rich DNA fragments. Two fragments of 60.7 % and 64.3% were amplified resulting in two products of 1839 bp and 1260 bp, repectively. FastGene® Optima had a higher efficiency compared to Competitor T‘s polymerase mixture.
Data was kindly provided by Ms. Ryoko Nakayama, Department of Pathology, Tsurumi University, Japan.

Optima(l) for SNP-typing

The detection of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) requires extreme fidelity. The proof-reading activity guarantees this needed fidelity (see Fig.3).











Fig. 3: SNP typing of the ALDH gene using FastGene® Optima polymerase. The ALDH classified as human sensitivity to alcohol gene was analysed for presence of a SNP by digesting the amplification of homo- and heterozygotes using MboII.
Data was kindly provided by Dr. Che Xiano-Fang, Department of Biochemistry, Tokyo Medical University, Japan.

Cat. No. Product Content
LS28 FastGene® Optima PCR kit with dNTP 250 Units

What is the error rate of this enzyme?

The error rate is around 10-15 times lower compared to a regular TAQ. The FastGene Optima PCR system is a blend of Taq DNA polymerase and an engineered archaeal (B-family) DNA polymerase. Both enzymes possess 5’ – 3’ polymerase activity, but only Taq possesses 5’ – 3’ exonuclease activity, and only the B-family DNA polymerase possesses 3’ – 5’ exonuclease activity.

Does the PCR products have a 3′ A overhang?

Yes there is a 3′ A overhang.

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