FastGene Plasmid Mini Kit (100)

Catalogue number: FG-90402

100 preparations for the isolation of low-copy and high-copy plasmid DNA. Inclusive Ready-to-use LB medium capsules.

FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kits

are designed for rapid small scale isolation and purification of high copy and low copy plasmid DNA. The ready-to-use plasmid DNA is of high quality in low-salt Tris buffer and suitable for typical downstream applications: Cloning, sequencing, PCR, transformation and restriction analysis.

Parameter High-copy Plasmid Low-copy Plasmid
Max. sample volume 1-5 ml ON-culture 5-10 ml ON-culture
Typical yield < 25 µg < 25 µg
Elution volume 50 µl 50 µl
Binding capacity 40 µg 40 µg
Size of vector < 15 kb < 15 kb
Prep time 26 min / 12 preps 26 min / 12 preps
Format Spin column Spin column

High yield – High purity – Fast preparation

The gel demonstrates that FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kits yield equal amount of plasmid DNA compared to other supplier with even more time consuming protocols. The preparation with the FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kit was performed by using the Fast Protocol.

plasmid DNA - mini prep

Fig. 1: pBluescript plasmid DNA was isolated from a 1,4 ml E.coli culture (DH5α in LB medium) according to the recommended
procedures of different kits and eluted in 50 µl elution buffer. 2 µl of each eluate were loaded on a 0,7% TAE agarose gel.

sequencing result for FastGene plasmid miniprep

Fig.2: Typical fluorescent capillary sequencing result from pBluescript plasmid DNA purified using the FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kit. Cycle sequencing reaction was performed on an ABI3100 sequenzer. 1 µl of purified plasmid DNA was used as a template. Dye terminators were removed by FastGene® Dye Terminator Removal Kit

DownloadsApplication Note - Evaluation: Reproducible Recovery Rate, Low Price
Application Note
Sample preparation for in situ hybridization of targeted tissue specific genes in medeka fish

Can the Plasmid Mini Kit be used with the Qiacube automated system?

We would not recommend to use the Plasmid Kit with the Qiacube. The problem is the fitting of the tube. It must fit perfectly, otherwise it could lead to leaking of the tubes.

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