Filter Tips 20 µl (10 racks with 96 tips)

Catalogue number: FG-FT20

FastGene® Filter Tips 20 µl (10 racks with 96 tips)

Japanese quality

All our filter tips are made in Japan. Quality control is one of the highest priorities. This ensures that our tips are free of faults, such as misplacement of the filter, broken tips, missing tips, etc.. All of our tips are free of RNAse, DNAse, genomic DNA and proteins.

Filter protection

All of our filter are equiped with an anti-aerosol filter. Cross-contamination between samples is avoided, ensuring you the confidence you need in your results.

Precision for lowest volumes

The FastGene® Filter Tips come in three different versions for the lowest volumes:

FastGene® Filter Tips 10 µl short: Ideal for taking minimal volumes out of 96-well plates or 0.2 ml PCR Tubes. The smaller size guarantees easier handling in such small wells.
FastGene® Filter Tips 10 µl long: Very useful to avoid contamination of the pipette with samples stored in larger tubes.
FastGene® Filter Tips 20 µl: The best option for larger volumes with a small tip.

Precision for normal and large volumes

The FastGene® Filter Tips 200 µl and 1000 µl are transparent, so that one can always control the liquid aspirated inside the filter tips.

Best volume control

All FastGene® Filter Tips are transparent, so that you can always control the liquid inside the pipette. For even easier observation of the volume aspirated, the smallest and the largest FastGene® Filter Tips (10 µl (short and long) and 1000 µl) come with volume marks.

No DNA adsorption

FastGene® Filter Tips are made of tested polypropylene plastic. As has been proved by several tests, there is no DNA adsorption of the plastic. Thus no concentration fluctuations will occur.

PapeRefill System

The FastGene® PapeRefill System is much more ecological, when compared to standard refill systems. The packaging is secure enough, so that no pipette tip is damaged during transport or storage. However, the ecological footprint of the refill is much less when compared to a complete filter tips box or other refill systems.

Compatibility of Filtertips with different Pipetts

Do the FastGene Filtertips have 20 and 200µL marks? The 10µL and 1000µL have a volume mark?

The 20 and 200µL do not come with a mark.


What kind of polypropylene is used? What material is the filter? Are the tips free of elasticizing materials?

The tips are produced from high quality diamond finish mould using special medical grade virgin polypropylene with very high transparency. – Produced in a fully automatic, human touch free, clean production room with heating ventilation air systems (HVAC) with High Efficiency Particular Air system (HEPA of 0.3 micron) . Free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyogen and PCR inhibitor. Free of Lubricants and heavy metals and Silicon additives. Therefore, there are no interaction with biological samples- Specially developed PE filters (Porex™) stops aerosols and contamination from entering into the pipette and thus lessens the risk or cross contamination. Free from chemical additives and heavy metals.


What is the expiring date of the Filter tips?

The expiry date refers to the duration of sterilization and is around 3 years.


How are the size specifications of your filter tips?

10 µl short: Length: 31 mm; volume range: 0.1 – 10 µl

10 µl long:  Length: 50 mm; volume range: 0.1 – 10 µl

20 µl:           Length: 53 mm; volume range: 0.1 – 20 µl

200 µl:         Length: 53 mm; volume range: 1 – 200 µl

1000 µl:       Length: 80 mm; volume range: 100 – 1000 µl

on 02/08/2018

We have been using the refillable filter tips from Nippon Genetics for a broad spectrum of molecular biology techniques, including NGS and array-CGH. We are impressed by their high manufacturing quality and ease of use. The tips are long and thin and the filter does not come in contact with the liquid even if you fill it to the maximum. They also exhibit minimum retention of liquids. It is very easy to re-fill the empty tip boxes (spare tips come in pre-filled and sterile racks) and by using that system you produce less plastic waste! We highly recommend these tips to all researchers looking for excellent quality, value-for-money filter tips!

Translation by Nippon Genetics:

Wir nutzen die nachfüllbaren Filterspitzen von Nippon Genetics für ein weites Spektrum an molekularbiologischen Techniken, einschließlich NGS und Array-CGH. Wir sind beeindruckt von ihrer qualitativ hochwertigen Verarbeitung und der bequemen Handhabung. Die Spitzen sind lang und dünn und die Filter kommen nicht mal mit der Flüssigkeit in Berührung, wenn sie maximal beladen werden. Es bleibt auch nur ein Minimum an Flüssigkeit in der Spitze zurück. Es ist sehr einfach die Spitzenboxen nachzufüllen (Ersatzspitzen werden in vorgefüllten und sterilen Racks geliefert) und durch die Nutzung des Nachfüllsystem produziert man weniger Plastikabfall. Wir empfehlen diese Spitzen dringend allen Forschern, die eine hervorragende Qualität und ein exzellentes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis suchen.
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