LB Broth Capsules

Catalogue number: LB01

100 LB broth capsules  – preparing LB media fast and dust-free

The capsules contain Tryptone. Can you tell what it is made from?

Tryptone is made by digestion of casein by the protease trypsin. This is a standard procedure.

How is the capsule dissolved?

One capsule is dissolved in 40 mL prewarmed water (37°C or more). Agitate the liquid and sterilize by autoclaving for 15 minutes.


What pH is the buffer set?

Buffer is set at 7.2 at 20°C using a 10 mM solution of TRIS/ TRIS HCL. pH will vary depending on temperature.


What is the formulation of the capsule?

Casein Digest Peptone  10g/l

NaCl                                  10g/l

Yast Extract                        5g/l

Tris/Tris HCl                   1.5g/l


What is the capsule made of?

It is a gelatine capsule with the above ingredients.

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