FastGene PROBE One Step Mix Hi-Rox (100)

Catalogue number: LS4701HR

FastGene® PROBE 1-Step RT-qPCR, High-ROX

1 mL ReadyMix for 100 PCR Reactions

PROBE One Step Mix Hi-Rox

The FastGene® PROBE One Step Mix Hi-Rox was developed for the rapid detection of multiple gene expressions using multiplex qPCR directly from RNA.

The optimal conditions for the reverse transcription as well as for the DNA polymerisation ensures highest sensitivity and the detection of low copy genes.



  • Quantification of Gene Expression
  • Quantification of Gene Copy number
  • Multiplex qPCR
  • SNP genotyping
  • NGS validation


Perfect reproducibility

Get a very high dynamic range and reproducible results by using the FastGene® PROBE One Step Mix. Achieve higher efficiencies and more accurate results. Amplification of GC-rich as well as AT-rich DNA templates is not a problem.


Best buffer recipe for two reactions in one tube

The robustness of the buffer ensures the ability to perform a reverse transcription with very low RNA amounts as well as multiplex qPCR. Get the highest sensitivity for multiple targets using the FastGene® PROBE One Step Mix.


High-performance enzymes for incredible sensitivity

The enzymes used in the FastGene® PROBE One Step Mix are optimized for the highest efficiency. Each buffer compound was carefully selected to ensure the perfect performance of our mix.


Save time with Fast Protocols

The unique buffer composition enables a faster reaction: apply a fast protocol, available on many modern qPCR instruments and save plenty of time.

Can the kit LS47# be used with hydrolysis probes for the LC480 II for channels 488 and 660?

This is possible. LS47# was developed for Multiplex PCR. The ROX channel has an escitation wavelngth of 575 nm and 602 emission.

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