FastGene Two-Component PCR Plate 0.1 mL

Two-component 96-well PCR plates with optional barcode label

  • Two part 96-well PCR plate for best PCR perfomance
  • 0.1 mL volume per well (semi-skirted, low-profile)
  • One plate combining the best of two materials (Made in Japan):
    • Rigid and robust frame made of polycarbonate
    • Very thin polypropylene wells allow very reproducible temperature distribution
  • Compatible with major (q)PCR cyclers (e.g., Bio-Rad™, ThermoFisher™, FastGene® & many more)
  • Plates available as laser-etched alpha-numeric code and barcode available for unique identification and automated handling
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Cat. No. FG-HD0196, FG-HD0196BC 50 plates


The FastGene® Two-Component PCR Plate (FG-HD0196) is our first two-part 96-well plate in low profile to offer the best PCR performance:

  • Super-thin polypropylene wells allow for a quick & uniform heat transfer.
  • With a rigid polycarbonate frame, optimal for automated handling, with a unique identification due to the barcode.
The best of two materials
  • Extremely high reproducible temperature distribution due to soft wells made of polypropylen
  • Super rigid frame made of polycarbonate
  • Compatible with major (q)PCR cyclers: FastGene®, Bio-Rad™, ThermoFisher™ & many more)

FastGene Hardshell PCR Plate (FG-HD0196) polypropylen connected to polycarbonate shell (zoom)

Figure: The polypropylene is connected to the polycarbonate shell!

Perfection where it matters
  • Japanese precision for reproducible plates
  • Very stringent quality control
  • Free of RNase, DNase and human genomic DNA

FastGene Hardshell PCR Plate - Thin wall for reproducible temperature distribution (zoom)

Figure: Equally formed wells and very thin walls allow reproducible temperature distribution.

Indestructible Labels (optional)
  • Laser-etched alpha-numeric code and barcodes
  • Unique plate number
  • Extra sharp barcode for better scanning

FastGene Hardshell PCR Plate with laser-edged barcode


Click here for a compatibility list of all our PCR plates.

The FastGene® Two-Component PCR Plate 0.1 mL, is tested and compatible with the following cyclers, e.g.:

  • QuantStudio5 (ABI – Applied Biosystems)
  • CFX96 Opus (Bio-Rad)
  • LightCycler 96 (Roche)

If your cycler is not mentioned above, please contact us!

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