FastGene apTaq HotStart Polymerase

  • DNA-Polymerase with aptamer technology: Reversible enzyme activation
  • Hot start: Very fast PCR
  • Aptamer technology: Reversible enzyme activation or inactivation
  • Maximal specificity, sensitivity and yield
  • Robust and reliable reaction
  • Tolerate a wide range of templates
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Cat. No. LS34 500 units


apTaq HotStart Polymerase – Redefine your PCR

The FastGene® apTaq DNA-Polymerase is a recombinant and thermostable Taq-Polymerase using the aptamer based Hot Start activation technology. The aptamer allows a reversible and immediate activation of the polymerase, leading to specific priming and a very fast PCR.

Reversible Polymerase activation – The aptamer principle

The FastGene® apTaq DNA-Polymerase is a Hot Start enzyme, which is completely inactive during room-temperature and become active only after heating. Random primer annealing and unspecific amplification that can occur with standard PCR enzymes are problems of yesterday. In contrast to antibody-based methods, the apTaq DNA-Polymerase contains synthetically manufactured aptamer-oligonucleotides. At low temperatures the polymerase is inactivated through a reversible tight bond of the aptamer. Interestingly, the aptamer acts as a molecular switch, changing its tertiary structure at higher temperatures. Temperatures below 45° C inactive the polymerase, whereas temperatures above 60 °C fully activated the enzyme. Therefore, the FastGene® apTaq DNA-Polymerase is less temperature-sensitive and reduce the risk of contamination.


Schematic explanation of the aptamer principle

The polymerase aptamer-oligonucleotide mixture is a reversible, temperature-dependent Hot Start system.



The FastGene® apTaq HotStart Polymerase is ideally suited for:

  • Fast PCR
  • Routine PCR
  • PCR using complex templates
  • SNP Analysis
  • Any standard PCR application for which a hot start formulation of a high-quality thermostable DNA polymerase is required



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Safety Data Sheet

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