Blue GelPic LED Box

Gel Imaging System

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FastGene® GelPic LED Box with blue LEDs

Cat. No. GP-03LED


The one and only portable GelDoc system with state of the art LED technology (blue and white light) and highest resolution of your gel pictures …

gel documentation system with blue LED
The FastGene® GelPic LED Box offers
  • The most compact gel documentation system in the market.
  • The small size (198 x 227 x 254 mm) allows you to use it as portable device.
  • Equipped with blue (470 nm) and white innovative LED technology, guarantees a high sensitivity but no harm for your eyes, skin and your DNA! Especially important for all applications, where the extracted DNA should be suitable for sequencing and/or cloning excperiments.
  • Scientific grade high resolution CMOS camera with 9M pixel resolution
  • Suitable for all green dyes, like Midori Green Advance and Direct, SYBR and others
  • White light for coomassie blue stained protein gels and western blot images
  • TV out, connectable to TV screens or beamer
  • SD card, sample tray, gel shovel and amber view shield included


DNA electrophoresis with green dyes

Midori Green Advance and GelPicBox

GelPicbox and Midori Green Advance
Midori Green Advance (Blue LED light) digitilized with black and white or colour mode

Protein electrophoresis resp. Western Blot analysis

Protein gel image

membrane image

Coomassie Blue Gel (white backlight) and Western Blot Image (Epi White)

WiFi Picture Transfer

Transfer your picture by Wifi to any IOS or Android device

  1.  A PQI Air SD Card is included with each unit
  2. Plug in the PQI Air SD Card into Gel Pic LED Box
  3. Install PQI Air Card app directly from Apple and Android‘s App Store
  4. Go to Wifi settings and connect your smartphone with the card‘s own wifi
  5. Open your App on your Device and you can directly watch the new pictures, wich were taken with your FastGene GelPic LED Box

Published Papers


Hammer, N. et al., 2014. Do Cells Contribute to Tendon and Ligament Biomechanics? PLoS ONE, 9(8), p.e105037. Available at:


Image Capture
Sensor Color CMOS Sensor
Resolution 9 M pixels
Exposure time upto  1.6 s (11 scales)
Image type JPEG
Image Storage SD Card Storage
View Area 16 x 11.5 cm (Fixed lens)
Filter Wheel Manual-Driven, 2 position
Emission Filter 520 nm Amber Filter
Blue Light 470 nm Blue LED Light
Epi White Light LED White Light
White Back Light LED White Light Panel
Display Panel Build-in 2.7“ TFT LCD
Image Storage SD Card Storager
Ausgänge USB 2.0 (Card Reader)
TV out (3.5 mm end and RCA end)
General Info
Power AC Adaptor, 12 V/1,5 A, 18 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 198 x 227 x 254 mm
Gel Tools Sample tray, shovel, Amber shield
Weight 3,2 kg
Certification CE, FCC


Is the GP03-LED compatible with a general computer monitor? In the specifications it is said that it is compatible with a TV monitor.

You can connect the monitor by using the included composite cable and an AV to VGA adapter for the connection.

Q: Can the system be connected to the computer directly?

No, the system works with a SD-card.

Q: Can the system be connected to a printer?

A: Yes, to the P93E






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