Reduce your reverse transcription reaction duration more than 91.77%

What is the FastGene Scriptase II?

The Scriptase II is an engineered enzyme with a reduced RNase H activity and an enhanced processivity. It comes in separate tubes format so that you can optimize the reaction or in ready mixes with or without Oligo dT.

What is your benefit from it?

The reduced RNase H activity will prevent early degradation of the RNA molecule, giving you a better chance to analyze a whole RNA molecule in your research.

The enhanced activity enables you to perform the reverse transcription in 5 minutes rather than 60 minutes.

The different format gives you the possibility of optimizing all by yourself (using our cDNA Synthesis kit) or using the mixture which fits most RT-reactions (using our ReadyMixes)

  5 Minutes? See our data for yourself…

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