The use of the right scriptase improves cDNA synthesis

Why not improving your results by using an optimised scriptase?

We are happy that our FastGene® Scriptase II can help customers with their challenging experiments:

‘The FastGene® Scriptase II cDNA Synthesis Kit appeared to be a reliable method to perform RT-PCR experiments using induced sputum samples which is a difficult specimen matrix. Indeed, it allowed to obtain a good reproducibility and good amplification curve profils. Furthermore, the cost of this product is really cheap compared to what we use to buy.” 


We use the FastGene® Scriptase II Ready Mix and we were more than happy with it! We performed different qPCRs with two different controls (GAPDH and tubulin-b), for both cell lines and patient samples (Biobank frozen biopsy tissue). The results were quite good! The control values were stable compared to our old cDNA protocol, even with less RNA than before. The application and the protocol were very easy!’

Please contact us if you would like to have a sample and try it out for yourself.