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18.09.2020 Dr. Verena Krieger

Congratulations – Blue/Green LED Technology!

More than 1000 gel doc instruments with Blue/Green LED Technology have been established in the labs! Users benefit from: Safety – No damage of DNA, no risk of UV exposure for user Quality– Improved cloning efficiency Extension – Enhanced sequencing results After 1.5 years on the market, the FastGene FAS-Digi PRO is our number one gel doc […]

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11.09.2020 Dr. Marcelo Lanz

Webinar – FAS Digi PRO

Our first Webinar: How to use the FAS Digi PRO. Dr. Marcelo Lanz is showing a typical image of a gel being recorded with the FAS Digi PRO. The dye used in the gel is the safe DNA stain MIDORI Green Xtra.   For more information about the system:… For more information about MIDORI […]

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11.09.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Scientific CMOS: Quantification of Bands, Linearity and Sensitivity

  New generation of scientific grade CMOS camera It has been postulated for a long time that only CCD-Sensor were able to detect light in a linear manner. We have analyzed the ability to detect and quantify RNA stained with MIDORI Green Xtra, using our FAS Digi PRO system, which is equipped with a scientific […]

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09.09.2020 Dr. Verena Krieger

More safety in the lab! – Gel Doc System using innovative Blue/Green technology

More safety in the lab by avoiding UV light! You can combine lab safety and excellent gel documentation using a gel doc system with innovative Blue/Green technology   University Medical Centre, Münster (03/10/2020) about  FastGene FAS-Digi PRO (link) ‘We have been using the device for a few months and are very satisfied with it. It is […]

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09.09.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Hint of the week: Safe time during gel electrophoresis

For most safe stains it is know that you will get best results if agarose gels are prepared and stained freshly. In this technical note, which you can download here, we have prepared 400 mL of Midori Green Advance stained agarose. Also after 10 days there was no big influence in the staining of DNA. […]

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04.09.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Lab Day – Making MIDORI Green Advance gel  

Today we would like to show you what happens million times in labs all over the world: we are going to prepare a MIDORIGreen Advance gel. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching Dr. Franke prepare a gel after running a PCR:

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04.09.2020 Dr. Marcelo Lanz

Examples of MIDORI Green Advance

How does a gel look like? One of the most popular questions receive in our support email address is “We know your dye is safe but: How is the Performance auf Midori Green Advance with my Transilluminator?” On our website you can find different examples of gel stained with midori green advance. Here we have […]

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01.09.2020 Dr. Verena Krieger

138 tons of more safety – MIDORI Green Advance

138 tons of agarose gels is the amount which our customers stained with MIDORIGreen Advance (link) the last year and therefore avoided the use of toxic and carcinogenic ethidium bromide This is a great contribution for more safety in the lab and the environment! G.S., Karlsruhe (06/11/2018) about MIDORIGreen Advance (link) ‘Absolutely the best alternative to […]

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28.08.2020 Dr. Marcelo Lanz

Reduce your reverse transcription reaction duration more than 91.77%

What is the FastGene Scriptase II? The Scriptase II is an engineered enzyme with a reduced RNase H activity and an enhanced processivity. It comes in separate tubes format so that you can optimize the reaction or in ready mixes with or without Oligo dT. What is your benefit from it? The reduced RNase H […]

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26.08.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Scriptase II is used in the validation of potential SARS-CoV-2 antiviral agent

We are proud that our products support the scientists in their research projects: A group of the Research Center for global Agromedicine in Japan analyzed the antiviral potential of a medicinal herb (Saxifraga spinulosa) on SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A and Noroviruses. Disruption of viral genomes and proteins were determined by gel electrophoresis, electron microscopy and RT-PCR, […]

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25.08.2020 Dr. Kristina Kux

Midori Green in Cystic Fibrosis Research

CS-ASO nanocomplexes as non-viral gene delivery systems for treatment of Cystic Fibrosis The group of  Prof. Weber from Muenster has developed very promising therapeutic approach from nanomedicine for the disease cystic fibrosis. K. Kolonko and colleagues address the misdirected Na+ absorption by the “epithelial sodium channel” ENaC. A nano-delivery system based on the natural chitosan […]

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25.08.2020 Dr. Verena Krieger

The use of the right scriptase improves cDNA synthesis

Why not improving your results by using an optimised scriptase? We are happy that our FastGene® Scriptase II can help customers with their challenging experiments: C.M., Belgium (21/12/2017) about the FastGene Scriptase II – cDNA Kit (link) ‘The FastGene® Scriptase II cDNA Synthesis Kit appeared to be a reliable method to perform RT-PCR experiments using induced […]

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21.08.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Friday is LabDay – Our lab´s first cool results with B/G LEDs

Today, I was able to get pretty cool results in our new Lab. We detected mCherry (red fluorescent protein) and GFP (green fluorscent protein) using our FAS Digi PRO. Check out our first LabDay video:

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21.08.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Our plastic could help human regenerative dentistry

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is widely used in medical fields, e. g.  regenerative dentistry. The efficacy of this therapy is highly dependant on the quality of PRP. The condition of the plasma is normally determined using an automated hematology analyzer (AHA).   An alternative faster and more cost-effective method is  described in the following publication: a […]

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20.08.2020 Dr. Verena Krieger

Good PCR plastic – Because it matters!

It often receives little attention, but good PCR plastic matters! We are happy to support our customer’s daily laboratory work by providing stable, easy-handling and furthermore DNA non-binding PCR plastic. This is why good PCR plastic improves work: G.S., Karlsruhe (06/11/2018) about the 8-well PCR Tube Strips 0.2 ml with domed cap strips (link) ‘Very […]

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19.08.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Technical Note: NON-DNA Binding PCR Plastic

Have you ever considered the role of your PCR plastic when you got wrong CT-Values? The quantification of nucleic acids is not only depending on the probes, devices and protocols, but also the used plastic material can have an influence on the measured DNA amount. It is known that different plastic material can bind to […]

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17.08.2020 Dr. Marcelo Lanz

5 Reasons why good PCR plastic could make a difference…

I. Evaporation during a PCR run The salt concentration has a major effect on the polymerase chain reaction. Elevated levels of magnesium can increase the possibility of unspecific amplification of the template DNA. This elevated concentration of salts could happen by wrong pipetting volumes, more often it could also be caused by evaporation of liquids […]

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14.08.2020 Dr. Verena Krieger

Laboratory Interview: Gel Doc System Introduction

With a new series of laboratory interviews, our Japanese colleagues show how products were introduced at the customer. The lab of Mr. Yoshii of Okayama University, Japan, was very satisfied with the performance of our FAS-V Gel Documentation System. With the installation of the FAS-V, they could improve not only the experimental environment but also […]

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12.08.2020 Dr. Manuel Franke

Published Paper: High End Gel Doc System

  Continuing the week of fantastic FAS-V, we want to show you this published paper about the genome detection of Sapoviruses using the FastGene® High End Geldocumentation system. With everyday news, the existence and possible detection methods of viruses are omnipresent. Beside SARS-Cov-2, there are uncountable different viruses. Some of these can cause different types […]

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07.08.2020 Dr. Marcelo Lanz

Product Review

I am pleased to show you a customer feedback of an exciting start-up company in the Netherlands: Photanol is a young, dynamic and ambitious company with a breakthrough Circular Carbon Chemicals production platform to turn CO2 directly into valuable chemicals. They were using the FAS-V for quite a while and have decided to get a […]

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06.08.2020 Dr. Marcelo Lanz

Exciting Visit of CANON Europe

Canon Europe is visiting us and recording a video about the FAS Digi PRO. We are very happy to have started this cooperation. Please click here to see the video in German here:   Canon Interview Click here if you would like to get more information about our Gel Doc System with the unique BlueGreen […]

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10.06.2020 Dr. Verena Krieger

New Marketing Manager

To enable best possible product communication for the growing product portfolio, NIPPON Genetics EUROPE streghtened its marketing team. I shortly introduce myself: My name is Verena Krieger and I am the new marketing manager at NIPPON Genetics Europe. After my scientific academic career, I expanded my knowledge in molecular biology and marketing when I worked […]

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21.02.2020 Dr. Kristina Kux

B/G LED GelDoc in Bonn

  We welcome another member to our Blue/Green LED family The group of molecular biology/biochemistry of the Institute of molecular physiology and biotechnology of plants, IMBIO (Bonn, Germany) is happy to work with their new Blue/Green LED gel documentation system FAS Digi PRO! Additionally, they were able to finally replace EtBr with the new and […]

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19.02.2020 Björn Krietemeyer

B/G LED GelDoc in Vienna

  We are excited about the next member in our „Blue/Green family“!!! Björn installed our unique FAS Digi Pro Gel Documentation System at the Natural History Museum in Vienna today. The FAS Digi Pro is equipped with our Blue/Green LED Technology for safe agarose gel documentation. At the central research laboratories of „Molecular Zoology“ Mrs. […]

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22.01.2020 Björn Krietemeyer

B/G LED GelDoc in Martinsried, Germany

We are excited about the next member in our „Blue/Green family“!!! Björn installed our compact Blue/Green GelPic LED Box at the LMU Munich in Martinsried, Germany, today. The Blue/Green GelPic LED Box is equipped with the safe Blue/Green LED Technolgy. At the department of „Aquatic Ecology“ Dr. Maria Stockenreiter and her colleagues are excited to […]

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10.01.2020 Björn Krietemeyer

New Member of the Blue/Green LED Family

  We are excited about the next member in our „Blue/Green family“!!! At the Technical University Munich in Freising our outstanding FAS-V Gel Documentation System, equipped with the safe Blue/Green LED Technolgy, was installed this week. At the department „Metabolic Programming“ of Prof. Dr. Henriette Uhlenhaut, Katrin Petzold and Dr. Franziska Greulich are excited to […]

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17.05.2017 Nenad Maric

Labvolution 2017

We are delighted about so many visitors at our Labvolution booth 😀

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