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Registered trademarks of other manufacturers

ADVANCE CO. Ltd.: Mupid-One.

Advanced Biotechnologies Ltd.: ALPS 300.

Affymetrix Inc. (USA): Affymetrix.

Agilent Technologies Inc.: Agilent, AriaMx, SureSelect, Velocity 11, PlateLoc.

Ambion Inc.: RNAlater.

Amersham Bioscience: MegaBace.

Apple Inc.: iPhone.

Applera Corporation or its subsidiaries: ABI Applera, ABI Prism, Applied Biosystems, GeneAmp, MagMAX,
StepOne, Veriti, ROX, FAM, HEX, JOE, ROX, TAMRA, TET, BigDye.

Azure Biosystems Inc.: Azure, Cielo, Sapphire.

Beckman Coulter Inc.: Beckman Coulter, CleanSEQ.

Beckman Instruments Corp.: Beckman, Biomek, Multimek.

Benchmark Scientific Inc.: Accuris, Aspire, BeadBlaster, BeadBug, BenchMixer, BenchRocker, BenchWaver, BioMixer, BlotBoy, Click-n-Lok Rotor, COMBI-Rotor, CoolCube, Everlast, hybex, Incu-Mixer, Incu-Shaker, InstaTilt, MAGic Clamp, MC-24, Mortexer, Multi-Head, Multi-Therm, myBath, myBlock, myFUGE, mySpin, myTemp, nUVa Clean, Orbi-Blotter, Orbi-Shaker, PlateFuge, Q-Drive, RotoBot, Roto-Mini, Roto-Therm, SureCheck, SureTemp, LABeler, Microzentrifuge, myFuge, StripSpin, Triple-Pure, TubeRocker, Vornado.

Biocision LLC: BioCision, CoolBox, CoolCell, CoolProbe, CoolProducts, CoolRack, CoolSink, CoolSystem, CoolTray, CryoPod, ThermalTray, TruCool.

Biometra biomedizinische Analytik GmbH: Biometra, Uno, Uno II, T1 Thermocycler, Tgradient, Trobot.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.: Bio-Rad, C-1000, CFX96, CFX384, , Chromo4, DNA Engine Opticon, Dyad, iCycler iQ, iCycler, iQ, iQ5, MiniOpticon, MyCycler, MyQ, MyiQ, Opticon, Mini-Opticon, PTC-100, PTC-200, PTC-225.

BioTek Instruments Inc: BioTek.

Biotium Inc.: GelRed, GelGreen.

Bluetooth SIG Inc.: Bluetooth.

Brandt GmbH & Co.: HandyStep, Transferpette.

Caliper Life Sciences Inc.: Allegro, Caliper, Twister, Maestro, RapidPlate.

Cepheid Corp.: Smartcycler.

Corbett Life Science and its subsidiaries: Corbett Research, Palm-Cycler.

Epicentre, and Illumina are trademarks of Illumina Inc. and/or its affiliate(s) in the U.S. and other countries, and are used under license: CircLigase, MasterAmp.

Eppendorf AG: Eppendorf, Mastercycler, Multipette, Research, Reference, Varipette, epMotion.

FluidX Ltd.: FluidX.

FMC Corporation: GelBond, GelStar, SeaKem.

GE Healthcare Companies: Ficoll, Cy2, Cy3, Cy5.

Gilson Inc.: Gilson.

Gilson Medical Electronics: Pipetman.

Google Inc.: Android.

Hamilton Bonaduz AG: Hamilton, Microlab, NIMBUS.

Hoffmann LaRoche, Inc.: GeneAmp PCR Process.

Heathrow Scientific LLC: DuraPorter, Gusto, MagBox, MagFuge, MagLab, MackRack, MagPette, MagWipe, Sea Star, Sea Star Vortexer, SnapSpin, Sprout.

Imperial Chemical Industries PLC: Coomassie.

Illumina Inc.: BeadArray, BeadChip, GAIIx, Illumina, Nextera, Solexa, TruSeq.

Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.: Lockdown, xGen.

iNtRON Inc.: RedSafe.

Invitrogen Corporation: Qdot, SuperScript, Sure Lock, XCell II, XCell

KingFisher: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (USA)

LI-COR Inc.: Global IR, IRDye Infrared Dyes, LI-COR.

Life Technologies Inc.: Cascade Blue, Life Technologies, BODIPY, Ion Torrent, Library Builder, Pacific Blue, Qubit, Quant-iT, SOLiD, Texas Red, DH5a.

Matrix Technologies Corporation: Electrapette, Matrix.

Microsoft Corp.: Excel, Microsoft, Surface, Windows.

Molecular Probes Inc.: Alexa, Alexa Fluor, PicoGreen, Q-Dot, SYBR, SYPRO.

Molecular Research Center, Inc.: TRIzol.

New England Biolabs: Quick Ligation, Quick-Load.

Nexttec: nexttec.

Nichiryo Co. Ltd.: Nichiryo.

Packard Instruments Company: Packard.

PathoFinder BV: RealAccurate.

PCR Biosystems: RiboShield, UltraScript, VeriFi.

PerkinElmer Inc.: Janus, MultiPROBE.

Picodrop Corp.: Picodrop.

Promega Corp.: PowerPlex.

Qiagen Group: Qiagen, BioRobot, BioSprint, Rotor-Gene, Effectene, Polyfect.

Rainin Instruments Company Inc.: EDP, Pipet Plus, Pipet-Lite, Rainin.

Ritter GmbH: bioclean, ritips, ripette, riplate.

Roche Diagnostics Corporation: 454, GS FLX TITANIUM, NimbleGen, SeqCap.

Roche Group: Lightcycler.

Roche Molecular Systems Inc.: GenAmp, TaqMan.

Sage Science Inc.: BluePippin, Pippin HT, Pippin Prep, SageELF, sageHLS.

Sartorius Biohit Liquid Handling Oy: Biohit, ePet, eLine, mLine, Picus, Proline, Tacta.

Shield Scientific BV: ecoSHIELD, SHIELDskin, SHIELDskin CHEM, NEO Nitrile, SHIELDskin Xtreme, twinSHIELD.

Stratagene Corp.: MX3000P, MX3005P, MX4000P, Stratagene, RoboCycler, pBluescript.

Tecan Group Ltd., Switzerland: Aquarius, Cavro, Freedom EVO, Genesis, Tecan, Te-MO.

Techne Inc., USA: Techne, Touchgene.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. and its subsidiaries: ABgene, ABI, Alexa Fluor, CapEase, ClipTip, DeepWell, DuraSeal, DyLight, DyNAmo, DyNAzyme, Finnpipette, KingFisher Flex, KingFisher 96 Flex, Nunc, Phusion, Template Generation System.

U.S. Safety: Matrix.

Zymark Corp.: Presto, Zymark.

3M GmbH: 3M.


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