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Nippon Genetics is a Japanese distribution and marketing company which focuses on products for the Life Science community. We started our operation in 1988 in Tokyo and Kyoto. Our customers are researchers all over the world working at universities and research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and/or clinical labs.
As you will see, we try to focus on different areas, like DNA/RNA Imaging; DNA Purification, PCR technology and electrophoresis. Especially the development of the Blue/Green LED technology for visualization of DNA/RNA in agarose gels is a milestone for us and the feedback from our customers is extremely positive. This unique and innovative technology delivers with the same sensitivity for red and green nucleic acid dyes. Furthermore it can replace UV light without any compromise in sensitivity and does not damage the DNA, eyes or skin. The technology was developed in Japan in 2014 and we are very proud to be the exclusive partner to introduce it to our customers. Additionally, our RNA purification kit using was introduced and is becoming a huge success. The preparation of very pure and highly conentrated RNA is now possible in a much faster time. Last but not least, we developed, together with scientist from Tokyo, super strong magnets, the FastGene MagnaStands, for the preparation of next generation sequencing libraries, nucleic acids or recombinant protein purification, and many other applications.

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We educate young people to work with us and help our customers all over the world, as we believe that a central objective of a company is to transfer the knowledge we established to the next generation.


If you are a distributor and interested in some of the products shown on this WEB page, please contact us and we will come back to you.

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