Return of old devices

NIPPON Genetics EUROPE GmbH sells electronic devices exclusively to commercial customers and takes back the devices for professional disposal in accordance with legal regulations. The customer bears the costs for the return and disposal.  The customer must notify NIPPON Genetics EUROPE GmbH in writing of the return of the device.

In case that the buyer is a re-seller he must inform his customers – if they are also commercial customer – that the devices will be taken back and disposed of by NIPPON Genetics EUROPE in accordance with legal regulations, and that the costs for shipment and disposal of the device have to be pay by the customer.

Devices or other materials handed over to NIPPON Genetics EUROPE GmbH must be decontaminated by the customer. The decontamination must be confirmed by a decontamination certificate, which must be attached to the goods. The buyer or end user is fully liable for damage of any kind resulting from insufficient cleaning and/or decontamination. Every owner of a device is obliged to pass on this information when selling or renting it.

You can register a return at the following email address:

After registration you will receive a transaction number. The return will then be sent to the following address.

transaction number
Mariaweilerstrasse 28 a
D-52349 Dueren