Shipping costs

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Dear customers, ladies and gentlemen,

After we have been able to keep our shipping costs constant for many years, we will have to adjust the shipping costs flat rate for deliveries to Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and the Netherlands as follows from 01/01/2022:

For orders of less than EUR 250 net goods value, we charge EUR 20.00 net for shipping.
For orders of EUR 250 or more net goods value, we continue to deliver free of charge.

As you probably already know, the transport costs in national and international freight traffic have risen rapidly in the last two years due to the known circumstances. In addition, there are extraordinary price increases for packaging materials due to high raw material prices. We always try to keep such additional costs low and have been able to keep our shipping costs constant for many years. Unfortunately, we now have to adjust the shipping costs.

We reserve the right to charge an ice cost flat rate of EUR 30.00 net per delivery for special products.

We are aware that price increases are always unpleasant and we kindly ask for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Your NIPPON Genetics EUROPE team

Further information can be found in the general Terms and Conditions, paragraph 2.
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