The history of NIPPON Genetics EUROPE

A German-Japanese success story


  • Fuji with rwd pagoda in autumn, JapanJapan-fujiyoshida


    Foundation of NIPPON Genetics Co. Ltd in Tokyo, Japan

  • 2005

    Foundation of NIPPON Genetics EUROPE GmbH in Düren, Germany

  • 2007

    Introduction of our FastGene brand

  • NGE distributors worldwide


    International sales activity of Japanese products began

  • 2008

    Introduction of the first generation of safe DNA dye MIDORI

  • 2010

    Establishment of a Germany Sales Team

  • Blue/green LED Technology


    Introduction of the unique Blue/Green LED technology for safe DNA detection systems

  • 2018

    ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management

  • FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact upgrade


    Start of production of the Blue/Green LED detection systems in Germany

  • 2020

    Relocation to a new and larger office with increased warehouse space

  • NanoSpec and NanoView product video


    Launch of the Photometer line (NanoSpec and NanoView) using our new instrument design

  • 2021

    Introduction of the new company logo

  • qFYR-real-time-pcr-system-top-open


    Launch of the Real-Time PCR System