Mupid-One Electrophoresis system

Agarose gel electrophoresis system

Your benefits:
  • Electrophoresis tank is directly connected to the included smart power supply
  • Very compact design delivered with multiple accessories.
  • Heat resistant material
  • Timer function for an automatic stop of your electrophoresis
  • Stable electrical field guaranties straight lanes
  • Gel casting set included
  • Safety interlock System
  • Multichannel pipette compatible
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Cat. No. MU2 1 piece


Advanced DNA separation

The MupidTM-One Electrophoresis system is one of the most convenient DNA separation systems on the market. It has many novel features including a separated power supply, a simple buffer drainage system, support for multi-channel pipettes, and seven output voltage settings (18, 25, 35, 50, 70, 100 and 135 V) as well as a timer function for delivering the perfect run every time.

Everything you need for a perfect gel!

The MupidTM-One comes with the Gel casting set standard (Cat.No. ON-MS). This casting set includes 4 combs, which can be used from both sides (13 wells and 26 wells). Furthermore, this set comes with different gel trays: Two gel trays small (S) for the preparation of mini gels and one gel tray large (L) for larger gels. The optional gel casting set GM-HR include 2 large combs and two different gel trays: Four gel trays mini and two gel trays small (S).


Gel casting set standard (ON-MS), included with the MupidTM-One

What makes this gel electrophoresis system so popular?

The MupidTM-One gel trays are heat resistant: By using a novel polymeric material (PPHOX), gel solution up to 100°C can be poured into the tray without turning milky or brittle. The clean up of the used gel trays can be performed with boiling water.

What makes this system so easy-to-use?

The power controller of the MupidTM electrophoresis system is easy to use. Seven conventional voltages (18, 25, 35, 50, 70, 100 and 135 V) are available. The peak voltage is constant (140 V) and output level changes through pulse control. A timer with an alarm function is included. All parameters of the last run are memorised and automatically saved. The power controller can be disconnected easily. Therefore, the chamber is safe and easy to clean up.

Watch your electrophoresis in real time with the optional Mupid™-ONE LED Illuminator

The MUPID™-One LED Illuminator (Cat. No.: MU4) allows the visualization and detection of DNA fragments during the run using safe Blue LEDs. The illuminator substitutes the Mupid lid and includes an orange coloured filter to allow you easily check the results without wearing goggles. Get more information about the Illuminator here.


The optional Mupid-ONE LED Illuminator allows the visualization of your DNA electrophoresis in real time



Electrophoresis Tank
Overall Dimensions 183 mm (B) x 59 mm (H) x 162 mm (L)
Material PPHOX (Polyphenylenoxid)
Buffer Solution Volume Approx. 270 – 320 ml
Multi-sample Multichannel pipette compatible
Safety Lid
Overall Dimensions 197 mm (B) x 38 mm (H) x 170 mm (L)
Safety Interlock System Without the lid, main power can not be operated
Power Supply
Overall Dimensions 75 mm (B) x 62 mm (H) x 170 mm (L)
Weight 410 g
Input Voltage AC100-240V (Internationally compatible, 50/60 Hz)
Output Voltage 18 V, 25 V, 35 V, 50 V, 70 V, 100 V and 135 V.
Timer Can be set between 0 and 99 min. and cont. mode. Temporary shutdown supported
Memory function Automatic memory (the last used V & T)
One-Gel Tray
Overall dimensions small tray 130 mm (B) x 16,5 mm (H) x 59,5 mm (L)
Overall dimensions large tray 130 mm (B) x 24 mm (H) x 122 mm (L)
Quantity 2 small gel trays and 1 large gel tray
Number of wells 13 or 26
Distances 13 wells: 9 mm
26 wells: 4.5 mm
Number of combs 4, can be used on both sides (all combs can be used for 13 or 26 pockets)
Material Heat resistant (up to 100 ° C hot solution can be used)


Mupid is a registered trademark of ADVANCE Co., Ltd.







Are the trays heat resistant?

All our trays are heat resistant.

Is the ON-MS included by an order of Mupid-one?

ON-MS is included but can be ordered separately.

3 reviews for Mupid-One Electrophoresis system

  1. Benjamin Lamp, Virologie, JLU-Gießen

    Ein Klassiker! Die beste Option, wenn es eng wird im Labor.

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    It’s a classic! The best option when you have no space in the lab.

  2. Till Ruemenapf, Virologie, Vetmeduni Vienna

    Wir verwenden die Ur- Mupids schon seit fast 20 Jahren und sie funktionieren noch immer. Die aktuellen Versionen haben wir seit 7 Jahren im Dauerbetrieb. Unkaputtbar und wirtschaftlich. Kein Kabelsalat und programmierbar!
    Unbedingte Empfehlung!

    Translation by Nippon Genetics

    We use the original Mupid already for 20 years and it still works well. The new Mupid-ONE is in our lab for 7 years and it used every day. It is unbreakable and economical. No cable tangle and programmable! We can highly recommend this product!

  3. Dr. Sturm, Applied Biosciences, KIT

    Highly portable electrophoresis system. Low space repuirement as well as easy transport of the whole system makes it very useful in courses as well as in labs with changing experimental environment. Electrophoresis performance is good, as well as leak tightness during gel casting.

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