Mupid One LED Illuminator

LED Illuminator for direct monitoring

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Cat. No. MU4 1 piece


DNA/RNA electrophoresis under „real time“ conditions

Watch the run! Now you can follow the separation of your DNA fragments „live“ in agarose gel electrophoresis.

The MUPID® One LED Illuminator allows the visualization and detection of DNA fragments during the run. The illuminator substitutes the MUPID lid and includes an orange coloured filter to allow you easily check the results without wearing goggles.

Blue LED light for a safe detection of DNA

The orange coloured filter protects you, so you can check the results without wearing goggles. The LED source inside the instrument produces light with a narrow emission peak at approximately 470 nm, effective for the excitation of nucleic acid stains such as Midori Green (Direct/ Advance) and SYBR dyes. The viewing area is coated in order to avoid the formation of moisture. The separated DNA is not damaged by the light emitted by LEDs, because it contains no short-wave UV light. Sensitivity is at 2 ng DNA. The MUPID® One LED Illuminator is compatibe ONLY with the MUPID® electrophoresis system.


Size 166 x 170 x 51 mm
Viewing area 150 x 60 mm
Weight 0,9 kg
LED wave lenght 470 nm
Filter orange
Compatible to MUPID® One, Mupid® exU and Mupid® ACE
Sensivity ~ 2 ng


Manual – MU4 Mupid One LED Illuminator


What is the difference between an Illuminator and a Transilluminator?

We use the name Illuminator if the light source is coming from aside, whereas in a Transilluminator the light source comes from the bottom – normally signal intensity will be higher if you use a Transilluminator.


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