FastGene Mini Centrifuge

Smart mini centrifuge

Mini Centrifuge with rotor for 6 single tubes (1.5 ml or 2.0 ml), 6 adapters for 0.5 ml reaction tubes and 6 adapters for 0.2 ml reaction tubes, one rotor for PCR 8-well strips (0.2 ml) and one rotor for slides. Speed 2000 x g.

  • Four different colours (blue, green, red and pink)
  • Supplied with standard microtube, slide and strip tube rotor
  • Ideal for quick spin down and microfiltration
Price on request

Cat. No. NG002 Units


The ideal lab companion

The FastGene® Mini Centrifuges come in four different colours and are supplied with three rotors. The first rotor is designed to centrifuge up to six individual 1.5 ml plastic micro centrifuge tubes. It will also accept 0.5 ml tubes and 0.2 ml tubes with the adapters supplied with the unit. The second rotor can load two 8-well strips (tube capacity 0.2 ml). The rotors are designed for applications requiring relatively low g-forces, such as microfiltration, cell separation and quick spin downs from the walls of tubes.

Fig.1: FastGene® Mini Centrifuge in Blue (NG002B), in Red (NG002R) and in Green (NG002G)

The rotor can be changed easily in order to use 8-well strips, single tubes or slides. The speed is 6000 rpm, which corresponds to 2000 xg. The centrifuge can be used worldwide because 100 V – 240 V can be applied.

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Mini centrifuges accesories: Tubes trip rotor, slide rotor and inserts for 0,2 tubes

Fig.2: Accesories included with the FastGene® Mini Centrifuge


FastGene® Mini Centrifuge NG002B NG002R NG002G
Colour blue red green
6 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml angle rotor 1 1 1
Slide rotor 1 1 1
Adaptors for 0,5 ml tubes 6 6 6
Adaptors for 0,2 ml tubes 6 6 6
2 x 8 x 0.2 ml strip rotor 1 1 1
Power requirement 100 – 240 V ~ 0,5 A 100 – 240 V ~ 0,5 A 100 – 240 V ~ 0,5 A
Centrifugal Force 2.000 xg 2.000 xg 2.000 xg
Speed 6.000 rpm 6.000 rpm 6.000 rpm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 175 x 148 x 118 mm 175 x 148 x 118 mm 175 x 148 x 118 mm





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