8-well PCR Tube Strips 0.2 mL without caps

8well-strip PCR tubes

0.2 mL PCR 8-well strips without caps (120 pieces)

Price on request

Cat. No. FG-028 120 pieces


Single tubes and 8-well strips for perfect PCR results
  • All FastGene® tubes and strips have a frosted area for labeling
  • All FastGene® tubes and strips are optically clear and are suitable for qPCR
  • Unique letters printed on the surface
  • Suitable for almost all thermal cyclers
  • Reproducible PCR results
  • Free of RNase, DNase and human genomic DNA
  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Insignificant evaporation allows small PCR volumes
Cap Strips can be ordered separately:
  • FG-008DC: Domed Cap Strips for 0.2 mL tube strips (120 strips)
  • FG-008FC: Flat Cap Strips for 0.2 mL tube strips (120 strips)


Can you confirm that the FastGene PCR tubes are sterile?

The PCR tubes are certified that they are free of RNAse, DNase and human DNA. They are not tested for sterility but can be autoclaved. Hence, one could recommend to autoclave if absolute sterility is desired.


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