FastGene 96-well PCR Plate 0.2 mL, full-skirted

96-well PCR plates

50 colorless, full-skirted 96-well PCR plates with 0.2 ml volume per well for all standard PCRs and qPCRs. DNase, RNase and gDNA free. Extreme thin-walled and tight.

  • low profile plate
  • 0.2 ml maximum working volume per well
  • Black alpha numeric code for easy sample identification
  • dNase, RNase and human genomic dNA free
  • Raised well rims to avoid cross contamination and facilitate heat sealing
  • Compatible with our flat and domed cap strips
  • Compatible with heat sealing foils
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Cat. No. FG-180250


Full-skirted FastGene® 96-well Plate

This PCR-plate in microtitre plate format comprises 96 x 0,2ml extra thinwall PCR Tubes, which guarantee a fast temperature exchange between heating system and sample. The plate is made of virgin polypropylene and certified DNase, RNase and human genomic DNAfree. It’s a standard full skirted plate with a low profile. The colour is natural. This full skirted plate can be sealed with our adhesive foil (KJ135 and KJ120) as well as with our domed (FG-008DC) or flat cap strips (FG008-FC). The PCR-Plates have an alpha-numeric coding (in black) for easy identification.


Click here for a compatibility list of all our PCR plates.

The FastGene® 96-well PCR Plate 0.2 mL, full-skirted is tested and compatible with the cyclers below. If your cycler is not included in the list below, please contact us!

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Compatibility (Thermocycler)
Supplier Model
NIPPON Genetics EUROPE FastGene Ultra Cycler Gradient (FG-TC01)
FastGene Ultra Cycler Uniform (FG-TC02)
Biometra Uno
T1 Thermocycler
Bio-Rad C1000
PTC200 (DNA Engine™)
PTC220/221 (DNA Dyad™)
PTC225 (DNA Tetrad™)
Corbett Research Palm Cycler
Eppendorf Master-Cycler® Gradient
Master-Cycler® EP Gradient
G-Storm GS1; GS2; GS3
MWG Primus 96
The Q-Lifecycler
Stratagene Gradient Cycler
Techne TC412/512
Touchgene Gradient
Thermo PCR Express/Px2/PxE
Multiblock System MBS
Compatibility (qPCR Cycler)
Supplier Model
Bio-Rad CFX96
Eppendorf Mastercycler™ ep realplex

If your cycler is not included in the list above, please contact us!

Compatibility request


Technical Note

Tightness of FastGene adhesive seal (FG-93AC) in a PCR thermocycler


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