FastGene Taq 2x Ready Mix

Taq polymerase master mix

  • Ready-to-use master mix for 250 x 50 µL reactions
  • Everything you need for your PCR
  • Contains FastGene® Taq DNA Polymerase, FastGene® Taq Buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2, tracking dyes and stabilizers
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Cat. No. LS27 250 rxns


FastGene® Taq 2x Ready Mix is a ready-to-use cocktail containing all components for PCR, except primers and template. The 2X ReadyMix contains FastGene® Taq DNA Polymerase (1 U per 50 μL reaction), FastGene® Taq Buffer (1x), dNTPs (0.2 mM of each dNTP at 1X), MgCl2 (1.5 mM at 1X) and stabilizers.

FastGene® Taq 2x Ready Mix comes with two inert tracking dyes to enable direct loading of PCR products onto agarose gels for analysis by electrophoresis, without the need to add a DNA loading solution.


FastGene® Taq 2x Ready Mix with dye is recommended when reaction products are analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis:

Fig. 4: FastGene® Taq reactions with 1X Loading Dye Reaction Buffer A.Volumes above wells indicate the volume of the PCR reaction loaded on the gel. B.On a 1% agarose gel, the blue dye migrates at the same rate as a 5 kb DNA fragment, and the yellow dye migrates at 75 bp.


FastGene® Taq Ready Mix PCR Kits are shipped on ice packs, depending on the country of destination. Upon arrival, store kit components at -20 °C in a constant temperature freezer. FastGene®Taq Ready Mixes contain iso-stabilizers and may not freeze solidly, even when stored at -20 °C. This will not affect the shelf-life of the product.

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LS26 FastGene® Taq Ready Mix PCR Kit 50 x 50 µL rxns
LS27 FastGene® Tay Ready Mix PCR Kit 250 x 50 µL rxns




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