FastGene Agarose Tablets

Catalogue number: AG05-100

FastGene® Agarose Tablets – 100 pieces per box



The FastGene® Agarose was developed for a rapid separation of DNA fragments, such as PCR products and plasmid DNA, as well as RNA fragments. The very high quality was graded as suitable for molecular biology. The purity of the agarose leads to an excellent transparency and a low background. This is especially important to obtain sharp and well defined DNA and/or RNA bands with the highest sensitivity in the low molecular weight range.
The high gel strength allows to use concentrations from 0,75 % – 2 %. The lack of DNases and RNases is assayed as well as the background fluorescence with Ethidium Bromide is determined.

Agarose Tablets (0.5 g) – “ready to use”

Just take one tablet and add 50 ml gel running buffer , the result is a 1% gel.

One box contains 100 tablets. Agarose is standard agarose with low EEO.

Ash content ≤ 0,45 %
Sulphate ≤ 0,1 %
Clarity ≤ 4 NTU
Gel Strength ≥ 1000 g/cm2 (1 %); ≥ 2200 g/cm2 (1,5 %)
Gelling Temperature 36 ± 1,5 °C
Melting Temperature 88 ± 1,5 °C
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