MIDORI Green Xtra

Safe DNA/RNA stain

Ultra-sensitive DNA stain for the detection of nucleic acids in agarose gels

1 ml MIDORIGreen Xtra for in-gel staining and post staining

Safe alternative to ethidium bromide. Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic

Key Benefits
  • Applications: Staining of DNA/RNA in agarose gels.
  • Sensitivity: Ultra-sensitive. Much better than ethidium bromide.
  • Safe: Non-toxic, non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic.
  • Compatibility: Optimal for Blue/Green LED technology and Blue LED light. For UV light we recommended MIDORIGreen Advance.
  • High Efficiency: Almost no background.
  • Flexible: In-gel staining and post staining.
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Cat. No. MG10 1 mL


MIDORIGreen Xtra – Non-carcinogenic DNA stain of the latest generation – Ultra-sensitive for LED illumination

MIDORIGreen Xtra is a new highly sensitive green fluorescent stain for a safe visualization of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. This DNA stain is a safe and better alternative to the traditional nucleic acid stain ethidium bromide (EtBr). Remarkably, agarose gels stained with MIDORIGreen Xtra have a very low background fluorescence, which makes the identification of low amounts of DNA very easy. Be one of the first and test MIDORIGreen Xtra for a safe detection of DNA with an unbeatable sensitivity. Request your free sample here.

Ultra-sensitive DNA signals with the DNA stain MIDORI Green XtraUltra-high sensitivity of DNA bands detected with MIDORIGreen Xtra. Left: Detection with a Blue/Green LED transilluminator. Right: Detection with a Blue LED transilluminator.


Ultra-sensitive DNA signals and low background – Just a perfect signal

MIDORIGreen Xtra is optimized for Blue/Green and Blue LED light, leading to unbeatable fluorescence signals of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. In addition, UV-light is also suitable for the detection of nucleic acid, but less efficient than non-damaging visible light. Remarkably, MIDORIGreen Xtra did not stain the agarose gel, leading to an excellent signal to noise ratio.


Safe Alternative to Ethidium Bromide

MIDORIGreen Xtra delivers even better DNA/RNA signals than ethidium bromide. However, this innovative DNA stain is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-toxic and therefore not harmful for your health. Independent laboratories confirmed its safety: Both the mutagenicity test (ames test) and the cytotoxicity test were negative. Convince yourself and download here our safety report.


MIDORIGreen Xtra is optimized for Blue/Green and Blue LED light, leading to unbeatable fluorescence signals of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. MIDORIGreen Xtra is suitable for In-Gel and Poststaining.


MIDORI Green DNA Dye Blue/Green LED Blue LED UV-Light In-Gel Poststaining Direct
Advance (MG04) Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Not Compatible
Direct (MG06) Compatible Compatible Not Recommended Not Compatible Not Compatible Compatible
Xtra (MG10) Compatible Compatible Not Recommended Compatible Compatible Not Compatible


Compatible Compatible

Not Recommended Compatible, but not recommended

Not Compatible Not compatible

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Manual for MIDORIGreen Xtra



Safety Data Sheet


Safety Report

Safety Report for MIDORIGreen Xtra



Pre-staining of DNA with MIDORIGreen Xtra (Technical Note 2018_06)

Post-staining of DNA with MIDORIGreen Xtra (Technical Note 2019_01)

Storage of MGX stained Gels (TN 2019_04)


I have seen a white smear in my agarose gels using Midori Green Xtra and Orange G as loading dye.

We know that the combination of Midori Green Xtra and Orange G will lead to a white smear while using UV light. To avoid this, please use Blue or Blue/Green LED detection systems or use a different loading dye.


I want to separate fragments of around 100 bp. So I set up the run at 100V for 1.5h. Now I can see that the stain is migrating out of the gel. What do you recommend?

The dye is oppositely charged to the DNA, so if the DNA migrated downwards, the stain will migrate upwards. Therefore, the gel will destain. We recommend to use a higher agarose percentage and a quicker run.


The stain is precipitating after storage at 4°C. What do you recommend.

We commend to warm the stain up to RT or 37°C for several minutes. Please vortex the stain before usage.


6 reviews for MIDORI Green Xtra

  1. Researcher at University of Münster (WWU), Germany

    A very safe and sensitive dye. Works extremely good with the blue/green LED. Havent tested it on a blue table, but sensitivity is much better then other ethidiumbromide alternatives we tested. It even works extremely well with light on in the lab using the amber shield or googles to extract the bands from the gel. We are completely satisfied and convinced.

  2. Matt from Nextbiotics

    Midori Green Xtra shows fantastic performance in the lab and is half the price per gel of SYBR Safe, so we’ll be switching to this awesome dye for all of our agarose gels moving forward!

  3. IPK Gatersleben, Plant Reproductive Biology

    This stain is the first real replacement for ethidiumbromide. So I´m satisfied.

  4. Teacher from private high school in Japan

    In class experiments, it is important to have all three results of “Successful experiment”, “Easy to get the result” and “Easy handling (safe)” at the same time. In that respect, MIDORI Green Xtra is significantly superior to other products.
    Perfectly fit to FAS-Nano’s Blue/Green LED, and the band was clearly visible. With this instrument, you can take an image with iPad and see the results immediately while giving an explanation of electrophoresis result to my students. Blue LED also worked with this dye by the way.

  5. Japanese Researcher from National Cancer Research Center

    Compared to the Etidium Bromide, the sensitivity is absolutely fine with having better safety, and also easier handling than the Midori Green Direct. I really like this dye because it can be used with both In-gel staining and post-staining.

  6. Japanese Researcher, Jichi Medical University Department of Regenerative Medicine, Shimotsuke, Japan

    Overwhelming results with Blue LED light. Much better than Ethidium bromide!

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