FastGene High Speed Mini Centrifuge

Catalogue number: NG003

Our FastGene® High Speed Mini Centrifuge comes with a microrotor with a capacity of 12 tubes and can centrifuge up to 12.300 x g respectively 13.500 rpm. The centrifuge shows a very compact design. After centrifugation, the door will be released automatically. The high quality of the centrifuge is supported by the fact that all mechanical parts are made of strong steel components.
The patented air flow design guarantees that the noise and temperature during centrifugation is very low. Usually the inside temperature increases up to more than 40 °C due to the rotor heating during the run. Thanks to the air cooling system the average temperature can be reduced to 33 °C.  The included rotor is autoclavable and a rotor for 8 well PCR strips is also available as accessory.

FastGene High speed mini centrifuge

Max. RPM/RCF (Rotor) 13.500 rpm/12.300 xg
(Fixed angle)
6.000 rpm/1.850 x (PCR strip rotor)
Max. capacity 12 x 2 ml or 1.5 ml Tubes 4 x 8well PCR strips
Time control Pulse or timed ≤ 30 min.
RPM/RCF conversion Yes
Noise level (dB) ≤56
Acc/Dec (sec) ≤12/<16
Display Blue LCD
Automatic door release at completion Yes
Power supply (V/Hz) 220/50~60 (110V optional)
Power requirement (VA) 110
Dimension (W x D x H, mm) 208 x 245 x 145 mm
Weight without rotor (kg) 4.4
CE mark Yes


PCR Rotor

Cat.No.: NG004

For 0.2 ml single tubes and 4x 8well strips
Max. RPM: 6.000
Max. RCF: 1st:1.554/2nd:1850 xg
Hole diameter: 6.5 mm

PCR 8well strip rotor

Cat. No. Product Content
NG003 FastGene® High Speed Mini Centrifuge Centrifuge comes with a fixed angle rotor for 12 x 2 ml or 1.5 ml reaction tubes
NG004 PCR Rotor for 0.2 ml single tubes or 4x 8well strips. The max. is RPM: 6.000
(Max. RCF: 1st:1.554/2nd:1850 xg)


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