Bsa I

Restriction Enzyme


Recognition Sequence Amount
1000 Units, 10 Units/µL
Overhang CpG Methylation
5′ NNNN Sensitive
Incubation Temp. Heat Inactivation
37°C 65°C for 20 min

Activity in FastGene Buffer

Buffer I Buffer II Buffer III Buffer IV FastCut Buffer
50% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Supplied Buffer Enzyme Type
Buffer IV Type IIS
Bso31I, BspTNI, Eco31I
Price on request

Cat. No. FG-BsaI


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1 review for Bsa I

  1. Johannes Stuttmann, MLU Halle

    Wir haben das Enzym ausgiebig für GoldenGate assemblies und Restriktionsverdau eingesetzt. Funktioniert sehr gut; für uns keinerlei Unterschied zum zuvor verwendeten Produkt der Konkurrenz.

    Translated ny NIPPON Genetics EUROPE:
    We have used the enzyme extensively for GoldenGate assemblies and restriction digestion. Works very well; for us no difference to the previously used competitor product.

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