FastGene Agarose Gel Band Cutter

Cutting agarose gel bands

  • Easily excise DNA bands
  • No razor blades necessary
  • Safe time for cutting DNA bands
  • For 6 mm x 3 mm gel slices
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Cat. No. FG-830 50 pieces


Safe time for cutting DNA bands

This easy-to-use tool will facilitate your daily work. Now you can excise your DNA bands easily without risking contamination or scratching the glass surface of the transilluminator. The FastGene® Agarose Gel Band Cutter is a ready-to-use and disposable tool for cutting agarose gel bands. This affordable tool simplifies fragment purification and eliminates wasted effort using razor blades. The size of the excised gel band will always be 6 mm x 3 mm, and you can collect multiple bands in a single FastGene® Cutter — making large-scale purifications that much easier.



Do the gel band cutters come in different sizes for cutting different gels?

No, one size (6 x 3 mm). The size was adjusted to the Mupid ONE.

Can I use this for cutting bands in PAGE gels?

The FastGene Gel Band Cutter is suitable for PAGE Gels, but the effectiveness is depending on the thickness and percentage of the gel.



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1 review for FastGene Agarose Gel Band Cutter

  1. Zeynep Weninger, Faculty of Applied Chemistry, Nürnberg Institute of Technology, Germany

    “We are very happy using the FastGene Gel Band Cutter and have successfully implemented it in our practical course. In the past,
    our students had issues cutting out the correct band without adding too much unnecessary agarose when using a scalpel and a
    tweezer. This is important since during the next step the same amount of extraction buffer has to be added to the agarose material.
    This problem was solved by using this product. We have tested similar products but they could not convince us.”

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