8-well PCR Tube Strips 0.1 mL without caps

8-well strip PCR tubes

  • Compatible with most thermal cyclers
  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Free of RNase, DNase and human genomic DNA
  • Insignificant evaporation allows small PCR volumes
  • Optically clear and suitable for qPCR
  • Frosted area for labeling


Price on request

Cat. No. FG-018 120 pieces


Guranteed quality made in Japan

The performance and reproducibility of your PCR result is significantly influenced by plastics. As a result of a unique manufacturing process, our FastGene® PCR 8-well strips fulfill the highest requests of quality. All FastGene® PCR plastic products are manufactured by using ultra pure polypropylene. Proteins are not able to bind to the surface. The tubes and strips have very thin walls but they are extremely stable and robust. Because of a very stringent QC procedure the „batch-to-batch“ reproducibility of all plastics is extremely high.

No evaporation

The evaporation of samples is a well known error factor which depends on the quality of the PCR plastic. This is very important especially for user that perform low volume (5 – 10 μl) PCR. Therefore, the FastGene® PCR tubes and strips are intensively tested, under very stringent conditions.

Evaporation test: PCR samples were mixed with 5 μl of a coloured dye. The total volume was determined before and after PCR.

It ain’t rocket science any more

PCR used to be considered an art. But over the past 25 years since its general acceptance into scientific experimentation, PCR has become one of the best characterized bioenzymatic processes. To this end, we ask you this simple question: Why pay prices that do not reflect this fact? All of NIPPON Genetics PCR products are priced fairly and promise satisfying results. It’s that simple.


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