FastGene CapEasy

Capper / Decapper

FastGene® CapEasy allows to open and close 8- or 12-well strips (0.1 mL and 0.2 mL) very easy without risk of contamination.

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Cat. No. FG-CDC02 1 piece


The FastGene® CapEasy was created to easy up your daily labwork.

Sealing or removing the lid of an 8- and 12-well strip is complicated and often leads to the rupture of the lid. This can lead to a cross-contamination between the wells making a repetition of the whole experiment necessary.

This can be avoided by using the FastGene® CapEasy. The uniformly distributed pressure ensures the sealing of all wells and it doesn’t matter if it is a domed lid or a flat lid. The handling of the FastGene® CapEasy is, as the name already says, very easy.

FastGene® CapEasy: one tool – two functions

Sealing an 8-well strip:

Position the 8-well strip in the rack, add the lids on top and close the FastGene® CapEasy. The lid will shut the wells with a very tight sealing.

Opening an 8-well or 12-well strip:

Add the FastGene® CapEasy comb to the FastGene® CapEasy.

Move the comb towards the strip. Close the FastGene® CapEasy and push further until you here a „click“ sound.

The strip will be decapped. The lid can now be removed.



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  1. reto.rufener

    The Rolls-Royce of cap openers!

    Fast and easy closing and opening of PCR-strips, without the risk of spilling samples.
    Only works with cap strips; not with individually caped tubes

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