FastGene Cryo Tubes (1 mL)

Cryo tubes for long-term storage of cells and tissue

  • High-quality sterile 1 mL cryo tubes
  • Temperature-resistent: -196°C to + 121°C
  • Wide opening for easy tissue storage
  • Choice of an external or internal lid
  • Separate and unremovable 2-D barcode possible (FastGene® 2D Barcode Inserts)
  • Free of RNases and DNases, endotoxin-free
  • For quality tests, please check the certificate under ‘Downloads’
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Cat. No. FG-CRY-10S, FG-CRY-In-10S 500 pieces


FastGene® Cryo Tubes for cell and tissue cryopreservation

These tubes are the optimal solution for a safe and long storage of cryopreserved samples. Three different sizes with 0.5 mL, 1 mL and 2 mL volume, the choice of  an external or internal lid and the possibility of introducing a FastGene® 2-D Barcode Insert offer the right tube for every demand.

The FastGene® 2-D Barcode Inserts are separately available and once attached to the tube they are so firmly embedded that they can not be lost. The cryo tubes are designed self standing and with an extra protection against leakage. Small protuberances on tube body and the cap and additionally a special sealing ring (O-ring) lead to an optimal sealing effect. Many further features makes these tubes to the perfect choice for cryopreservation:

  • Highest quality plastic: virgin polypropylene
  • Sterile tubes (E-Beam irradiation sterilization method)
  • RNase- and DNase free
  • Entotoxin-free
  • Autoclavable
  • Temperature resistant: – 196 °C to + 121 °C
  • Wide opening for easy tissue storage
  • Scaling on tube body
  • Inserts can be added
  • Compatibility with various rack due to a characteristic bottom shape
  • Flat, writable caps

As an additional special accessory for the FastGene® Cryo Tubes with an internal lid a cap opener is included. This guarantees an easy opening if the screw cap should be closed too tightly. Moreover a contamination through touching sample by hand can be excluded. The opener is also made from virgin polypropylene and can be autoclaved.

Automation friendly organisation

Additional FastGene® Empty Racks for Cryo Tubes in automation friendly SBS format are available to organize the cryo tubes.


Cryotubes Certificate


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