FastGene miRNA Enhancer

Enrichment of miRNA using a standard RNA purification kit

  • Simply add to your RNA kit and enrich miRNA molecules
  • Suitable with competitors and FastGene® RNA extraction kits
  • 3x higher amount of pure miRNA compared to competitors
  • Easy-to-use, only one additional step in the protocol
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Cat. No. FG-RNAE-25 100 preps


Easy enrichment of iRNA

Small RNA molecules can be purified using this addition to our regular RNA purification kit. RNA with miRNA or only miRNA can be purified, depending on your needs.

The FastGene® miRNA Enhancer allows the binding of small RNA to the column of your standard RNA purification protocol. With a single additional step you just have to add the RNA enhancer solution during the purification. Dependent on the kit or protocol you are using, you obtain pure miRNA or total RNA + miRNA. Use the miRNA Enhancer togehter with our FastGene® RNA Premium Kit and you will get pure miRNA.
Or use the FastGene® RNA Basic Kits and you will obtain total RNA together with miRNA. The miRNA Enhancer is also compatible with other RNA extraction kit.

Use of the FastGene miRNA Enhancer in combination with RNA purification kits

Figure 1: Use the FastGene® miRNA Enhancer with the FastGene® RNA Basic Kit or FastGene® RNA Premium Kit for the recovery of small RNA.



Use of the FastGene miRNA Enhancer with RNA purification kits - results

Figure 2:
(Lane 1-3) Purification of total RNA + miRNA by using the FastGene® miRNA Enhancer together with the FastGene® RNA Basic Kit.
(Lane 4-6) Purification of RNA by using only the FastGene® RNA Basic Kit, without the FastGene® miRNA Enhancer.
(Lane 7-9) Purification of pure miRNA by using the FastGene® miRNA Enhancer together with the FastGene® RNA Premium Kit.



Manual FastGene® miRNA Enhancer

Application Note

FastGene® miRNA Enhancer – Evaluation with RNA extraction kits

1 review for FastGene miRNA Enhancer

  1. Tomomi, Faculty for Dental Science, Kyushu University, Japan

    We were able to obtain almost the same results as when using the Kit that we have been using so far.
    When using the FastGene RNA Premium Kit and enhancer together, miRNA can be recovered at half the cost so far, so I wanted to shift to this in the future.
    (Translated by NIPPON Genetics)

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