FastGene IC Green One Step Mix Low-Rox (500)

FastGene® IC Green 1-Step RT-qPCR, Low-ROX

5 x 1 mL ReadyMix for 500 PCR Reactions

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Cat. No. LS4305LR


IC Green 1-Step RT-qPCR

The FastGene® IC Green 1-Step mix contains a reverse transcriptase and a DNA polymerase. Having a 1-tube reaction setup for the reverse transcription and for the quantitative PCR has many advantages: (1) The 2x master mix ensures the same concentration of buffer and enzyme, when performing the experiment multiple times, (2) it is less prone to wrong mixtures of the reaction mix contents, (3) higher convenience due to less preparation time, and many more.



  • Melt-curve analysis
  • Quantification of Gene Expression
  • Quantification of Gene Copy number
  • Detection of Gene Expression (Knock-out analysis)


No Inhibition – For the Highest Sensitivity

The FastGene® IC Green 1-Step mix contains the same noninhibitory dye as our original FastGene® IC Green mixes. Hence, it can detect low-copy genes much better than many mixes with dyes which inhibit the PCR.


Robust Chemistry for 2 Reactions in one Tube

Designing the buffer mixture is not easy, as it must be optimal for two enzymes with very different needs. During the first part of the reaction, RNA is reversed transcribed with a powerful reverse transcriptase enzyme. Afterwards, a DNA Taq polymerase amplifies the DNA using gene specific primers.


Fast or Ultra-fast Conditions

The superior buffer design ensures the highest processivity of each enzyme. The FastGene® IC Green 1-Step mix is therefore compatible with fast and ultra-fast cycling conditions. Hence, perfect results can be obtained in the shortest amount of time.




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