FastGene Western Blot System

Wet-transfer Western Blot system

  • Efficient and reproducible protein transfer
  • Cooling pack absorbs transfer heat
  • Runs two blots simultaneously
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Cat. No. PG08


Biochemical protein analysis via blotting

Blotting of proteins is a powerful biochemical method for the detection of proteins. Protein bands that were separated by size after PAGE are transferred and immobilized on a carrier membrane. The firm binding of the proteins to the membrane allows a subsequent protein detection by choosing from a variety of staining or immunological methods.

Wet-transfer Western Blot system

The FastGene® Western Blot System is an efficient device to perform the first Western Blot protein transfer step from gel to membrane via a wet electropohoretic transfer technique. The Western Blot Systems contains all the necessary components for reliable protein transfer and comes with detailed guidelines to successfully perform transfer and Western Blot analysis.
The system includes a cool pack, which is installed during the run. The cool pack absobs generated running heat, avoiding the possibility of power loss. Gel and membrane can be easily sandwiched in the blot connector, which is assembled via an easy-to-use lock mechanism.

Below you find an image of the general Western Blot setup. For more detailed information, please have a look at the manual (click here).

FastGene Western Blot System - General setup (drawing)

Figure: General setup of the FastGene® Western Blot System.

Content and accessories

Content of FastGene® Western Blot System (PG08)
Content Image Quantity inluded Separately available as
Blot frame with electrodes FastGene Western Blot System - Blot frame with electrodes 1 part of PG09 (see below)
Blot connector FastGene Western Blot System - Blot connector 2 part of PG09 (see below)


Blot sponge FastGene Western Blot System - Blot sponge 5 part of PG09 (see below)


Blot cool pack FastGene Western Blot System - Cool pack 2 part of PG09 (see below)
FastGene® Gel/Blot chamber lid*
(with electrodes and power cable)
FastGene PAGE Protein System - Chamber Lid with Electrodes 1 PG14
FastGene® Gel/Blot chamber tank* FastGene PAGE Protein System - Chamber Tank (PSG05) 1 PG05


* Compatibility

The FastGene® Western Blot System (PG08) uses the same FastGene® chamber tank (PG05) and FastGene® Gel/Blot chamber lid as the FastGene® PAGE Protein System (PG01).

The FastGene® PAGE Protein System (PG01) can easiliy be upgraded for Western Blotting by ordering the FastGene® Western Blot Components (PG09, see below).


Separately available accessories
Cat. No. Product Description Content
PG05 FastGene® Gel/Blot chamber tank Large gel electrophoresis buffer tank As part of PG08:

  • 1 chamber tank
PG09 FastGene® Western Blot Components Components for blotting system As part of PG08:

  • 1x blot frame with electrodes
  • 2x blot connector
  • 5x blot sponge
  • 2x blot cool pack
PG14 FastGene® Gel/Blot chamber lid with electrodes As part of PG08

  • 1 lid
PG15 FastGene® Blot connector As part of PG08 and PG09

  • 2 connectors
PG16 FastGene® Blot sponge As part of PG08 and PG09

  • 5 sponges



Manual FastGene Western Blot System (PG08)


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