FastGene RNA Premium Kit (6)

Catalogue number: FG-81006

FastGene® RNA Premium Kit for 6 purifications

New level of RNA purity

The FastGene® RNA kits were developed for the rapid, efficient and clean purification of RNA from tissues and cells. The silica based technology does not use phenols. The FastGene® RNA kits come in two different versions. The FastGene® RNA Basic kit is ideal for purification of RNA where small amounts of copurified DNA do not matter. FastGene® RNA Premium kit ensures the complete elimination of genomic DNA.

RNA of the highest quality

The FastGene® RNA kits deliver RNA of the highest grade. The quality of RNA is measured by determining a RIN (RNA integrity number). According to the manufacturer‘s instructions, a RIN gives an idea of the integrity of the RNA. High quality RNA will give a RIN above 8, being 10 the maximal value. The FastGene® RNA Basic and Premium kits purify RNA to a grade comparable to market leaders (see Fig. 1). The RNA is therefore in an ideal state for downstream applications, such as reverse transcription.

Fig. 1: RNA Quality determination using an Agilent Bioanalyzer. The FastGene® RNA Kits delivers high quality RNA repeatedly.

Large Yields

Obtaining a good yield from the RNA purification is essential. The FastGene® RNA Basic and Premium kits deliver very large total yield, therefore enabling mutliple analyses of a single RNA purification. When compared to the market leaders, the FastGene® RNA Basic kit delivers a higher yield showing the optimized purification procedure.

Fig. 2: Total Yield of nucleic acid in µg. The FastGene® RNA Kits delivers very high yield.

Very quick procedure

The FastGene® RNA Basic kits have a very quick and easy procedure, optimal for a high number of samples. Additionally, a special protocol for large inputs was created. The buffer necessary for large inputs can be purchased separately without the need of buying a whole kit.

The danger of genomic DNA

Purification of RNA will always have the possibility of genomic DNA contamination. Many solutions were developed to deal with this issue: designing primers for exon-exon boundries, which would not lead to amplification of intron containing genomic DNA and/or the treatment of the purified RNA with DNase, an enzyme which specifically degrades DNA. This step is important to be optimized since the treatment of DNase could also lead to a degradation of RNA.

Fig. 3: Detection of genomic DNA contamination using qPCR. RNA isolated using Competitor Q‘s kit shows considerably earlier Cq values when compared to the FastGene® RNA Premium kit.

Optimal DNA degradation for very pure RNA

Many RNA purification kits perform the DNA degrading step on the silica membrane. Nonetheless, this step is much more efficient when performed in solution. The FastGene® RNA Premium kit has a DNA degrading step after the elution of the nucleic acids from the silica membrane. The contamination of genomic DNA was analysed using qPCR assays. Primer specific for genomic DNA were used to estimate the presence of contaminating DNA. The purification of competitor Q‘s RNA isolation kit with DNase treatement showed a variability of DNA contamination (see Fig. 4) when different purifications were analysed and delivered a much earlier Cq-value when compared to the FastGene® RNA Premium. The analyses show that as a consequence of the later DNase treatment, the DNA contamination of the RNA purified using the FastGene® RNA Premium kit is much lower when compared to the market leader‘s one.

Fig. 4: Competitor Q‘s purifications show a high variability between trial 1 and 2, probably due to the lower enzyme efficiency. The FastGene® RNA Premium Kit delivers very pure RNA consistently due to its DNase reaction in solution rather than on a membrance.

FastGene® Mini Elute Column for the highest concentration anf perfect recovery

The FastGene® RNA Premium kit comes with a FastGene® Mini Elute column with an unique design allowing an elution volume as little as 10 µl, creating highly concentrated RNA stocks, essential for low amount of tissue or cellular material. The recovery rate is very high (>95 %) even at very low elution volumes. At these volumes not even the market leader can achieve our yield and recovery rates. See the results for yourself below:

DownloadsRNA Isolation Kit_Manual
FG-81#_FG RNA Premium Kit_AN_2019_09
Examination of RNA extraction method from a small number of cells (1000) using FastGene RNA Premium Kit
Application Note: Evaluation: Low price, high quality
FG-81#_FG RNA Premium Kit_AN_2017_12
Sample Preparation for Quantitative Analysis of Integrin Expression
FG-81250_FG RNA Premium Kit_AN_2017_15
Examination of RNA purification using mouse breast carcinoma-derived FM3A cells
FG-81050_FG RNA Basic Kit_AN_2017_17
Quantitative PCR using RNA extracted from mouse brain tissue (cerebral cortex) (Real-time qPCR and digital PCR)
FG-81_RNA Premium Kit_AN_2017_22
RNA extraction from cultured cells with the FastGene RNA Premium Kit (mini elute column)
FG-81_FG RNA Premium Kit_AN_2018_17
Contamination of DNA in purified RNA; Comparative evaluation of RNA extraction kit, by analyzing the lowest level of contamination
FG-81, LS62, LS63_RNA Products_AN_2018_12
Examination of RNA extraction method in aquatic plant and comparative study of RT reaction
Technical Note 2017_07
FastGene RNA Basic/Premium Kit DNase I Protocol treatment
Technical Note 2017_02
Evaluation test of FastGene RNA Basic/ Premium Kit
Technical Note 2017_03
Basic performance data of FastGene mini-elute column
Technical Note 2017_04

How is the binding capacity of the RNA binding column and the mini-elute column?

The binding capacity of the RNA binding column is 500 µg and of the mini-elute it is 100 µg.

Can I use it for RNA extraction from blood samples?

Although it is very regretful, this kit is developed for animal tissues, so it is not compatible with RNA purification from blood samples.

on 08/30/2018

Sehr gute Ergebnisse bei der Extraktion von Einzellern (auch bei geringer Abundanz), hohe Ausbeute und sehr rein, sehr empfehlenswert!

Translation by Nippon Genetics:

Very good results after the extraction of single-celled organisms (even with low abundance), high yield and very pure RNA, highly recommended!

on 04/26/2018

Empfehlenswertes Produkt:

-Übersichtliches Handbuch
-Schnelle und einfache Ausführung
-Sehr gute Ergebnisse

Fazit: Preis-Leistungsverhältnis Top

Translated by Nippon Genetics:

Recommended product:

-easy manual
-Fast and simple procedure
-Very good results

Conclusion: value for money is top
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