FastGene White Light Plate

Protein gel documentation

White light plate for protein gel documentation

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Cat. No. FG-07CE


FastGene® White Light Plate – for the perfect documentation of your protein gels

This very highlighted white light plate allows to take ideal pictures of your protein gels. The powerful LED bulbs ensure a uniform illumination of the plate, whose intensity is continous adjustable. An USB port allows to put the white light plate in operation via computer or power supply. On the big illuminated screen two or more gels could be arranged side by side for an easy comparison.

Example image of a protein gel on the FastGene® White Light Plate:

Proteingel auf Weißlichtplatte



Dimensions 290 mm x 200 mm x 8 mm
Viewing Surface 220 mm x 160 mm
Wavelength White LED
LED Lifetime 50,000 hours
Power build-in battery or USB port
Weight 570 g




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