FastGene Ultra Cycler Gradient

Gradient thermal cycler for 96-well plates

  • Very fast ramp rates for a quick PCR
  • 96-well PCR instrument with a gradient
  • Touchscreen with a very easy-to-use software
  • Compatible with most PCR tubes and 96-well microplates
  • Very quiet device

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Cat. No. FG-TC01


It’s simple – Affordable gradient PCR

A thermal gradient of up to 24°C can be precisely generated in the FastGene® Ultra Cycler. The temperature of each well is stable and reliably repeatable from cycle to cycle.
The fully adjustable heated lid is compatible with a wide range of 0.2 mL PCR tubes (standard and low profile) and 96-well PCR microplates (fully-skirted, semi-skirted, and non-skirted). With a huge touchscreen interface and simple programming, this system is convenient and easy-to-use. As a small and robust device, the FastGene® Ultra Cycler is perfect for any lab environment by providing years of reliable amplification!

The Gradient Advantage

The gradient function allows you to optimise your reactions. Discover the best annealing temperature over a range of 24 °C.

The block system is designed for the use of 96 individual PCR tubes (0.2 ml), 12 PCR 8-well strips (0.2 ml) or 96-well PCR plates (0.2 ml). UltraCycler combines the latest electronics and peltier technology with unusually high operating comfort.

Powerful Thermal Engine

A precision composite alloy block with low mass and high thermal conductivity provides excellent ramp rates, long peltier life and low well to well temperature variation.
Heating/ Cooling rate is 5 °C/sec typical heat & cool between denat & anneal (block)

Heated Lid Evaporation Control

The UltraCycler employs an applied pressure heated lid design to keep the air contained within the tube hotter than the reaction volume. This causes any evaporation to condense back into the cooler reaction liquid, thereby eliminating the need for an oil or wax condensation overlay.

Compact Footprint

Boasting a footprint of only 18 x 28.5 x 19 cm (W x D x H), the UltraCycler is designed to save valuable bench space within the laboratory. Weighing in at just 5.5 kg, this machine is also highly portable for the ever-changing laboratory environment.

Touch Screen Graphical User Interface

A high performance graphical processor with large 7 inch, vivid color touch screen display allows for easy run setup and monitoring. The powerful yet intuitive software makes creation of even the most complex of thermal profiles a breeze. Free software upgrades are provided to keep your instrument up to date with the latest features and developments.

USB Connectivity

A front USB port allows for fast, easy file transfer to USB memory stick enabling the sharing of thermal profiles between instruments and users. The use of a USB mouse is also supported.

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Touch Screen Menu

Start screen

Load a saved profile from the internal memory or USB stick, or create a new profile, by using the helpful Albert assistant.

ALBERT – The PCR set up assistant

Albert enables the user to configure easy to moderate complex profiles in just moments. All the thermal steps which occur in a typical profile are included and the parameters may be adjusted in just a few clicks.

Manual Mode

The Manual Profile editor is very helpful for the creation of even difficult profiles. The screen displays the current experiment profile in a ‘tree list’ format with a graphical representation of each thermal step. You can add, modify or delete additional steps easily.

User Accounts Section

Allows up to 99 user profiles each with dedicated file storage directory and personalised Icon. When a user is selected, thermal profiles will be loaded or saved to a directory specific to that user, providing easy recovery later.

And much more…
Live Graphing Gives vivid feedback of the thermal activity. Enables the user to set the block to a specific temperature quickly without creating a thermal profile
Manual Control This function is useful for incubating reactions such as DNA digestion or ligation
QuickStart ALBERT Enables the user to configure easy to moderate complexity profiles in just moments
USB Connectivity Front access USB host port enables file transfer between units using an ordinary USB memory stick. Also supports the use of a mouse
User Accounts Enables easy separation and organization of user thermal run profiles. Many thousands of profiles may be stored in the large internal 256mb+ memory
Pause The ‘Pause’ feature allows the user to pause the profile at any number of pre-programmed points while emitting an alert beep
Long Range Enables the time of a particular cycling step to be automatically increased or decreased by a preset amount over a specified range of cycle repeats
Touch Down/Up Enables the temperature of a step to be automatically increased or decreased by a preset amount over a range of successive cycle repeats
On Screen Help User manual is inbuilt into the software ensuring that help is never more than a click away
Run Reporting Post run report is generated on run completion and may be saved to USB memory stick for inclusion into your run documentation


Technology High performance active heating and cooling using 6 quality peltier elements with 3 temperature sensors
Temperature range 4 °C – 99 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5 °C over full range, typically < ±0.1 °C at 60 °C
Uniformity ±0.3 °C, 30 seconds after target (range 40 °C – 90 °C), typically < ±0.1 °C at 60 °C
Temperature Resolution 0,1 °C increments
Heating/Cooling rate 5 °C/sec typical heat & cool between denat & anneal (block)
Well Configuration 96-well block supporting: 0.2 mL tubes or strip tubes with flat or domed caps;
96-well high-or low skirt plates with strip caps, adhesive cover, or oil overlay
Condensation Control Automatic utilising applied pressure heated lid
Heated Lid Temperature Range 60 °C – 115 °C
Dimensions 180 x 285 x 190 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 5,5 kg
Electrical 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
External Connectivity Interface USB interface to Windows based PC
USB host port – file transfer to and from USB memory stick – mouse/keyboard connection
– printer (potential future software release)
Display 7-inch Widescreen Colour Touch Display
Software Supplied with unlimited user licenses
Free upgrades available
Internal memory 256 MB, enough for 10,000+ saved profiles
Functionality 24 °C Temperature gradient, Touch Down/Up, Long Range, Program
Pauses, Temperature Graphing, On-screen Help, User Accounts, Profile Load and Saving,
Manual Mode, USB File Transfer, Post run reporting, Auto restart and more
Included Accesories Power Cable, User Manual (downloadable PDF), Touch Screen Stylus



Manual FastGene UltraCycler Gradient

QuickGuide FastGene UltraCycler Grafdient


Flyer FastGene UltraCycler Gradient

Technical Note

Technical Note: Tightness of FastGene Adhesive Seal in a PCR thermocycler

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Is your gradient Thermocycler 12 segment or 8 segment gradient?

It is 12 segment with 24°C.

What is the adjustable ramping rate range?

0.1 to 2.5°C/second –> max 5°C/second

Can it resume from the same cycle after power failure?


8 reviews for FastGene Ultra Cycler Gradient

  1. IDN, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

    Ich kann mich den Meinungen in den Kommentaren nur anschließen! – Der Cycler ist klein und leise und dennoch robust. Die Bedienung ist wirklich Intuitiv und es sind alle Features, die der allgemeine Laborbetrieb erfordert enthalten. Außerdem ist der Kundenkontakt und die Kundenbetreuung ausgesprochen freundlich und hilfsbereit!

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    I am totally agreed with the other testimonials! The Ultra Cycler is small, quiet and robust. The operation is easy, intuitive and there are all features what a general laboratory requires. In addition, the customer contact and customer service are extremely friendly and helpful!

    Verified User

  2. Till Virologie Vetmeduni Vienna

    Haben vor 6 Monaten zwei Geräte gekauft und sind sehr zufrieden. Riesenbildschirm, kleine Standfläche, intuitives Menü, schnell und – was uns wichtig war – sehr leise! Kein Vergleich zu deutlich teureren Geräten die lärmen wie ein Staubsauger.
    Unbedingt empfehlenswert

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    We bought two Ultra Cycler 6 month ago and we are very satisfied. Giant touchscreen, small footprint, intuitive software, fast and (most important for us) very quiet! Not comparable to much more expensive devices that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Absolutely recommendable.

    Verified User

  3. Strukturelle Zellbiologie, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

    Wir haben seit einem Jahr den Fast Gene Ultra Cycler Gradient und benutzen ihn mehrmals täglich.
    Das Gerät ist angenehm leicht und klein, nicht größer als ein DinA4-Blatt, so dass viel Platz auf der Bench übrig bleibt. Die Bedienung ist sehr einfach, die Programmierung intuitiv, „Einstein“ (so heißt die Programmieroberfläche) sei Dank! Die Programme sind leicht zu speichern, jeder Benutzerordner wird mit einem Bildchen geschmückt. Im Betrieb ist der Thermocycler recht leise und die Ergebnisse sind gut und gleichmäßig.
    Der Kontakt zur Firma ist auch sehr angenehm und zuverlässig. Herzlichen Dank dafür.
    Insgesamt eine klare Empfehlung von uns! Das Arbeiten damit macht Spaß.

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    We purchased the FastGene Ultra Cycler one year ago and we use it several times a day. The Ultra Cycler is not heavy and small (like a DIN A4 letter), so that there is a lot of space left on our bench. The handling is very easy and the programming, because of the “Einstein” programming interface, very easy. The programs are easy to save, and each use has its own avatar. During the PCR, the Ultra Cycler is quiet and the results are good and reproducible. The contact with NIPPON Genetics is very pleasant and reliable. Thank you very much for that. Overall, we can give a clear recommendation for this device! Working with it is fun.

    Verified User

  4. Virologie, Heidelberg

    Das Gerät ist nun seit einem Jahr bei uns im Labor im Einsatz und wir haben generell einen sehr guten Eindruck. Die Bedienung ist sehr benutzerfreundlich und die erzielten Ergebnisse zu unserer Zufriedenheit.

    Außerdem ist der Service von Nippon ausgezeichnet und der Support immer sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit.

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    We use the Ultra Cycler already one year in our laboratory and we very satisfied with it. The handling is very user-friendly, and the results are very good. In addition, the service of Nippon Genetics is excellent and the support always very friendly and helpful.

    Verified User

  5. Institut Dr. Stangassinger GmbH

    Wir haben den FastGene Ultra Cycler dieses Jahr bei Nippon Genetics erworben und sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Gerät. Ich schließe mich damit den vorigen sehr guten Bewertungen des Geräts an. Zusätzlich finde ich den Service von Nippon Genetics ausgesprochen schnell, freundlich und zuverlässig.

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    We purchased the FastGene Ultra Cycler from Nippon Genetics this year and are very satisfied with this device. I totally agree with the previous very good reviews. In addition, I find the service of Nippon Genetics extremely fast, friendly and trustworthy.

    Verified User

  6. S. Ott-Gebauer, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

    Wir haben im März 2018 zwei Fast Gene Ultra Cycler für unser Labor gekauft und benutzen sie seitdem nahezu täglich. Der Fast Gene Ultra Cycler benötigt nur wenig Platz, arbeitet sehr leise und ist aufgrund der intuitiven Menuführung sehr einfach zu programmieren und zu bedienen.

    Wir sind mit den beiden Geräten sehr zufrieden.

    Translated by Nippon Genetics:

    We purchased for our lab two Fast Gene Ultra Cycler in March 2018 and use them almost every day. The Fast Gene Ultra Cycler need little space and works very quietly. Because of the intuitive menu navigation, the cycler is very easy to operate.

    We are very satisfied with both devices.

    Verified User

  7. AG Binder, Universität Ulm

    Seit Anfang Dezember 2017 besitzen wir einen Nippon-FastGeneUltraCycler, der täglich
    genutzt wird. Bislang arbeitet das Gerät sehr zuverlässig. Es ist relativ klein, sehr
    leise mit kurzen Laufzeiten durch schnelles Heizen und Kühlen der Proben. Das Gerät ist
    mit einer übersichtlichen Menüführung einfach zu bedienen bzw. programmieren. Jeder kann
    unter einem eigenen Avatar seine Programme speichern. Einziger kleiner Nachteil ist, dass
    die Gesamtdauer eines Laufes erst nach Programmstart und damit erst nach dem Aufheizen
    des Deckels angezeigt wird

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    We own a Nippon FastGeneUltraCycler since December 2017. The Cycler is used every day. So far, the device works very reliable. It is relatively small, very quiet and has very short run times, because of fast heating and fast cooling of the samples. The handling and programming of the cycler is very simple with a clear menu navigation. Everyone can save own programs with a personal avatar. The only small disadvantage is, that the total duration of a run is only shown after the program has started, which is shown only after the heating of the cover plate.

    Verified User

  8. Olivia Masseck, Fakultät für Biologie & Biotechnologie, Universität Bochum

    “Wir verwenden den FastGene Ultra Cycler seit kurzem in unserem Labor und sind überaus zufrieden damit. Der Cycler ist sehr anwenderfreundlich, platzsparend und erfüllt seinen Zweck.”

    Translation by Nippon Genetics:

    “We use the FastGene Ultra Cycler recently in our lab and are very satisfied with it. The Cycler is very user friendly, space-saving and serves its purpose.”

    Verified User

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