FastGene PAGE Gel, 10×8, 12 %, 12well

Homogenous precast gel

  • Gel size: 10 cm x 8 cm
  • Homogenous 12 % gel
  • 12 wells
  • 10 gels
  • Compatible with many electrophoresis chambers and systems
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Cat. No. PG-S012 10 pieces


Get the best separation

Pouring gels for protein separation is time consuming and prone to error. FastGene® Precast Protein Gels are the perfect replacement, facilitating lab work immensely. Due to the proprietary gel casting method, which is more uniform than any self-cast gel, the FastGene® Precast Protein Gels have the advantage of being more consistent, having therefore a much higher reproducibility.

Homogenous or gradient PAGE gels

FastGene® Precast Protein Gels are available in a variety of homogenous and gradient gels. They are formulated for denaturing as well as native gel electrophoresis – depending only on the used running buffer. Our gels are compatible with MOPS or MES buffer.

Superior running performance

FastGene® Precast Protein Gels are casted in a neutral pH environment. Hence, the hydrolysis of polyacrylamide is reduced, resulting in an increased gel stability and superior band resolution. Further advantages are optimised running performance, larger loading volume (up to 60 µL) because of the extra tall wells, which also prevents a lane-to-lane overflow, a higher transfer efficiency and a shelf life of 12 months.

New quality standards

The FastGene® Precast Protein Gels have a revolutionary highperformance. The unique buffer formulation that maintains a low operating pH during the electrophoresis eliminates the “smilies” and poor resolution of self made gels and many competitor precast gels.


The gels are compatible with different common protein electrophoresis gel tanks like from Invitrogen, Bio-Rad and our FastGene® PAGE System (PG01). In the folder “Compatibility” you will find listed gel tanks for which the compatibility is already tested, if you use another system we offer to send you a sample, thus you can check if your system is compatible.

Free sample


Gel Tank
Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® II & 3 Compatible
Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra System Compatible
LONZA PAGEr® Minigel Chamber Not compatible.
Hoefer Mighty Small (SE 250) II Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Compatible
Hoefer Tall Mighty Small (SE 260) II Deluxe Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Compatible
Life Technologies Novex XCell I, II, & Surelock® (Use with Adapter Plates) Not compatible.
Life Technologies BoltTM Mini Gel Tank Not compatible.
FastGene® PAGE System (PG01) Compatible


Transfer System
Bio-Rad Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System Compatible




What is the composition of the precast gels? Are they comparable to traditional Tris Glycine or Bis-Tris gels?

The FastGene precast gels are based on Bis-Tris and are 1mm thick.

How do the precast gels perform with instable proteins? Are there special recommendations for the loading and buffer to run native gels to stabilize the protein next to the ones described in your manuals?

If the protein is heat sensitive, than the running condition need to be at 4°C. Our gel can only run acid protein und alkaline condition. We usually set the running buffer at pH 8.8, but this is only a suggested pH value, customers need to test and get their satisfied running pH. The running time may be long.

Which buffer can I used for these gels?

For FastGene Gels it is necessary to use MOPS buffer. We offer this buffer as dry pellets in pouches- only mixing with water is necessary. This buffer is also included in the samples.

Are your gels keratin free?

The gel is produced keratin free, but there are no QC data available.

Do you recommend wet- or semi-dry-blotting for the Precast Gels?

We recommend to use the wet transfer, because we have seen better results compared to the semi-dry transfer. We usually add 10 % Methanol in the transfer buffer, for smaller proteins we will increase the Methanol concentration to 20 %.

What is the pH of the stacking and separating part of the gel?

The pH is 6.4


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