FastGene Western ECL Kit

Western blot detection kit

  • Chemiluminescent substrate based on luminol
  • High sensitivity – Detection of antigens with very low concentrations
  • Long signal duration – Optimal for digital and film-based imaging
  • No optimization required – Easy switch from other brands
  • Perfect for PDVF and nitrocellulose membranes
  • Compatible with Western Blotting Markers
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Cat. No. FG-CH01 100 mL


FastGene® Western ECL Kit – Chemiluminescent Western Blot Detection

The FastGene® Western ECL Kit is an enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) substrate based on luminol.
It is used to detect horseradish peroxidase (HRP) – conjugated secondary antibodies.
The high femtogram or low picogram detection of antigen is enabled by FastGene® Western ECL Kit brilliant sensitivity and long signal duration.
This long chemiluminescent signal duration makes it possible to detect signals on both digital and film-based imaging systems without any loss in signal intensity.
Appropriate primary and secondary antibody dilutions are suggested for attaining optimal signal intensity and duration.

Workflow using FastGene® Western ECL Kit

Mix the luminol solution and peroxide solution in a 1:1 ratio, and thoroughly agitate the chemiluminescent substrate solution well for preparing the 0.1 ml of solution / cm2 of membrane.
Place the membrane with the protein side up and remove the membrane from the chemiluminescent substrate solution. Image the membrane with a digital imager.

Product comparison

Comparison between the FastGene® Western ECL Kit and competitor products

1000-100 ng BSA were separated in a 4-20% SDS-Page (FastGene® Precast Gel) using a primary antibody 1:5000 alpha-BSA (Invitrogen, A11133, corresponding  to 4 µg). All ECL kits were used under the same experimental workflow.



An IL-6 fusion protein was detected using a primary antibody against IL-6 from mouse and a secondary anti-mouse peroxide (POD) antibody 2 seconds exposure for the Western Blot. All ECL kits were used under the same experimental workflow.

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Technical Note

TCN – FastGene Western ECL Kit – Detection sensitivity comparison


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