FastGene Q-Stain

Protein staining reagent

Protein staining like Coomassie Blue but simpler and faster
  • Ultra-fast staining – Results in 10 minutes or less
  • Single-Step procedure – No washing, fixing or destaining
  • High sensitivity – 10 ng bands detectable
  • Flexible – No over staining
  • Efficient – Only 25 mL per gel
  • Methanol free – No gel shrinkage or protein methylation
  • Acetic acid free – No protein acetylation
  • Compatible for mass spectrometry – No residual methylation or acetylation
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Cat. No. FG-QS1 1 L


FastGene® Q-Stain – Protein Gel Stain – like Coomassie Blue but simpler and faster

Workflow of Q-Stain Coomassie protein stain

The FastGene® Q-Stain is a single-step modified Coomassie Blue protein gel stain for polyacrylamide gels. This protein staining solution eliminates the need to fix, wash or destain your protein gel. Just run your protein gel, add the FastGene® Q-Stain, and watch your bands appear in several seconds. The FastGene® Q-Stain does not stain the polyacrylamide gel. The result is a crystal-clear background with clearly visible protein bands. Unlike many other stains, the FastGene® Q-Stain is a water-based product, free of Methanol and Acetic acid.

One-step protein staining in just 10 minutes – much faster than Coomassie Blue

The special formulation of the FastGene® Q-Stain enables a very quick stain procedure of protein gels. The protein bands will be visible in less than 10 minutes. Very low amounts of proteins (down to 10 ng) can be detected by longer staining. It is impossible to over-saturate proteins with the FastGene® Q-Stain, so longer incubation times have no harmful effects. Save time by using Q-Stain for a safe and efficient detection of proteins in polyacrylamide gels.


Detektion von Proteinen mit Q-Stain Commassie Färbelösung


Ideal for mass spectrometry

The FastGene® Q-Stain Protein Dye is 100 % compatible with mass spectrometry. Just follow the procedure below and analyse your protein:

  1. Incubate the excised protein band in 1 ml 30 % EtOH or 30% acetone for 30 min at room temperature
  2. Repeat step 1 until the stain is removed
  3. Continue with a typical mass spectrometry protocol

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Can I use Q-Stain for western blots?

Yes. The binding is reversible, so you can use for western blots. Please wash the gel a few times in transfer buffer. It is also possible to stain the gel after blotting to determine the transfer efficency.

Is there any unpleasant smell of Q-Stain?

There is no unpleasant smell of Q-Stain.


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