FastGene Block & Go

Western blocking solution and signal enhancer

  • 2-in-1 solution: Blocking reagent and signal enhancer
  • 3-in-1 step procedure: Blocking of the membrane + primary antibody + secondary antibody in one step
  • Time-saving: Up to 2.5 h less hands-on-time compared to conventional protocol using milk or BSA
  • Increased detection sensitivity: Detection of proteins from up to 0.5 µg lysate
  • Flexible use: Usable in single step or two step protocols
  • Protein-free: Reduced overall background and minimization of non-specific signals
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Cat. No. FG-CH05 500 mL


FastGene® Block & Go serves a blocking solution as well as signal enhancer in Western blot analysis.
It provides blocking and primary and secondary antibody hybridization in one step. Furthermore, it enhances the signal developed with HRP (horseradish peroxidase) or AP (alkaline phosphatase) substrates. FastGene® Block & Go reduces time and labor-intensive Western bot procedure.

  • 3 steps in one: blocking of the membrane, primary and secondary antibody in one step
  • Enhanced antibody signal: 2-5-fold increase in signal intensity for most protein targets.
  • Enhance time-saving: It saves at least 2 hours in the antibody detection process during the Western Blot, with only one hour needed.
  • Effective with any ECL: After the antibody detection process, the signal can be developed with both HRP (horseradish peroxidase) and AP (alkaline phosphatase) substrates.
  • Less hands-on steps: No 3 wash steps are required, meaning no need to transfer the membrane in&out of the container.
  • Compatible with PVDF & NC membrane: Regardless of the pore size, ‘Block & Go’ minimizes the background from non-specific protein binding by antibodies.
  • Protein free: Reduces overall background and minimizes non-specific signals often seen with ECL detection.
Time saving

By combining 3 steps in one step (blocking + primary antibody + secondary antibody), the procedure can be reduced about 1 h (2-step procedure) or even 2.5 h (1-step procedure) compared to conventional protocol using milk or BSA.

FastGene Block&Go - time saving

Enhanced signal intensity

Detection sensitivity can be enhanced so that proteins from 0.5 µg lysate can be detected.

FastGene Block&Go - increased sensitivity

Figure: 30 sec (upper panel) and 2 min (lower panel) exposure time were used with an Azure 400 device.



Quick Manual – FastGene Block & Go (FG-CH05)

Technical Note

TechNote – Western blot blocking performance of the blocking reagent FastGene Block & Go


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