Bambanker Direct

Serum-free cryopreservation media for long storage of cells

  • Enables long term cell storage at -80°C or -196°C
  • Perfectly suited for hybridoma cells and HTP-applications
  • Bambanker Direct can be directly added to the cells – No washing and no centrifugation necessary
  • Improved cell recovery and viability after thawing
  • Ready-to-use freezing media – no programmed or sequential freezing required
  • Serum-free – no risk of contamination
  • GMP manufactured
  • Long shelf life
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Cat. No. BBD01


Bambanker™ Direct for hybridomas

There are certain cell types, such as hybridomas, which exhibit increased sensitivity to “over” manipulations. These cells often exhibit higher death rates or unwanted differentiation after long-term storage and freeze thaw cycling. It is for these types of cells that Bambanker™ Direct was created – to provide tight environmental control. By eliminating the centrifugation step, cells can now be frozen for long-term storage immediately upon addition of the novel cryoprotectant. Just add Bambanker™ Direct, one-toone, with your cells in media and directly place in freezer. And like with the original Bambanker™, the Direct version has no serum, so it is great for cells which animal-derived serum may be an issue.

Procedure for the cryopreservation of cells

Vergleich des Protokolls für Bambanker und Bambanker Direct


There a four different versions of Bambanker™.

  • All Bambanker™ types are free of fetal bovine serum (FBS) and have a defined and constant composition.
  • They also do not contain antibiotic or antifungal ingredients.

The four different types of Bambanker™ are recommended depending on your specific needs:

BB03-Bambanker- 20mL Bambanker™ (standard for all cell lines, package units: 20 mL, 5 x 20 mL, 100 mL)
Please note that the 120 mL bottle size (BB01) is no longer available and has been replaced by the new 100 mL bottle size (BB05).
Bambanker™ Direct (for hybridoma cells, package unit: 20 mL)
Bambanker™ hRM (for ES and iPS cells, package units: 20 mL, 100 mL)
Please note that the 120 mL bottle size (BBH03) is no longer available and has been replaced by the new 100 mL bottle size (BBH04)


GMP quality

GMP quality

All products of the Bambanker™ series are manufactured in facilities compliant with current good manufacturing practices (GMP).

The products are subject to a solid quality management system that ensures the consistency, reliability and high quality you can rely on.


Manufacturer’s notification for Bambanker as GMP-manufactured product (pdf file)

Cell Lines

Cell lines succesfully stabilized by BambankerTM Direct:
  • C2C12 (mouse skeletal muscle cell line)
  • Daudi (human B cell line)
  • HEK293; HEK293T (human embryonic kidney cell line)
  • HeLa/HeLa S3 (human cervical cancer cell line)
  • HepG2 (human liver cancer cell line)
  • Jurkat (human leukemia T cell line)
  • K562 (human chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line)
  • KATO (human gastric epithelial cell line)
  • MDCK (canine kidney tubular epithelial cell line)
  • NIH3T3 (mouse embryonic skin cell line)
  • OKT4 (mouse hybridoma)
  • OP9 (mouse myeloid stromal cells)
  • PC12 (rat adrenal medulla cell line)
  • SNL (mouse embryonic fibroblasts)
  • ES (mouse embryonic stem cells)
  • MEF (mouse embryonic fibroblasts)
  • Vero (African green monkey kidney cell line)
  • OP9 (mouse myeloma stroma cells)
  • P3U1 (mouse myeloma cell line)

and many more…



Manual | Bambanker Direct (BBD0#)


Flyer Bambanker Freezing Media


MSDS | Bambanker Direct (BBD0#)

2 reviews for Bambanker Direct

  1. Researcher from Japan

    I am using Bambanker Direct for frozen hybridomas when making monoclonal antibodies.
    After screening, the culture of positive cells was scaled from 96 wells to 24 wells. Pipette 250 μl of cells in the growth phase from the centre where the 24 well cells are dense, mix it with an equal amount of Bambanker Direct, and freeze. Freezing can be done quite easily without the need to centrifuge the cells and so on. I think that it will be powerful for freezing floating cells. Bambanker is used for adhesion cells and Bambanker Direct is used for floating cells.

    Verified User

  2. Mady , Tübingen University

    We had a major liquid Nitrogen tank issue. We looked for an alternative. We requested a free sample to try.
    Bambanker was sooo easy to use and very good on sensitive cells (no toxicity see), which can also be stored at -80. No more DMSO/FBS!!
    I highly recommend it (10 years+ (primary& cell line) cell culture experience!)

    Verified User

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