FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact

Powerful Gel Imaging System in a compact design

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  • Compact design –Space-saving and powerful
  • Safe – No damage to the DNA, no risk from UV light for the user
  • Flexible – For the detection of DNA/RNA and proteins
  • Versatile – Compatible with all DNA dyes
  • Ultra-sensitive – Even very faint bands are detected
  • User-friendly  Large illumination area and handy viewing window
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Cat. No. GP-08LED


The FastGene® FAS-DIGI Compact is made made for ultra safe and ultra sensitive DNA/RNA detection − without using UV-light. The intuitive and easy handling creates perfect gel images. It consist of two main parts, the transilluminator and the dark box with a high-quality camera.

Compact instrument − Fits in all labs

With a compact dark box body made of highest quality coated aluminium, the stand alone device has been designed for labs that need a powerful gel documentation system but only have limited benchtop space.

FastGene FAS DIGI Compact in the lab


Large illumination area − Comfortable use with large and multiple gels

The FAS-DIGI Compact comes with a huge Blue/Green LED transilluminator (21 cm x 26 cm) giving a large illuminiation area for various gel sizes.

FastGene FAS-DIGI-Compact dark box and transilluminatorIluminator with large viewing area of 26 cm x 21 cm (right) and dark box with camera (left).

Blue/Green LED technology (instead of UV-light) − Valuable DNA, eyes and skin are protected

Using UV-light transilluminators affects you and your sample. Exposing yourself to the dangerous light source can harm your eyes and skin and damage your DNA sample for further downstream applications.

This is why the FastGene® FAS-DIGI Compact includes a large transilluminator with Blue/Green LED technology. Blue/Green LEDs protect your sample and yourself from harmful UV-light exposure. Designed for guaranteed safe and easy handling.

FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact Blue/Green LED technologyGel stained with MIDORI Green Xtra and illuminated via Blue/Green LED technology using the FastGene® FAS-DIGI Compact − view through the amber filter viewing window (see below).


High standard camera − Great recognition and separation of even faint bands

Even faint bands can be detected with the high standard 24 MPixel Canon EOS DSLR camera. You can extract small gel image areas in very high resolution and best quality.

The camera has a rotable and swiveling touch-screen display for very comfortable usage.

FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact Canon camera

Amber Filter viewing window − Easy handling and safe cutting of gel bands

The inbuilt Amber Filter viewing window allows you to look at your illuminated gel and easily check and cut out the desired DNA bands for further applications.

FastGene FAS-DIGI-Compact viewing windoww-gel

Simple upgrade to FAS-DIGI PRO − Flexibility to upgrade the system for even more comfort

The FastGene® FAS-DIGI Compact is the entry-model gel imaging system in the high-end gel imaging segment. It is perfect for labs with smaller budgets but high quality standards.
It gives you high-quality images to a very fair price.

The FastGene® FAS-DIGI Compact is the brand new smaller sister model of the popular FastGene® FAS-DIGI PRO.
Both imaging systems use the same Blue/Green LED transilluminator and the same camera. This is why the upgrade to FAS-DIGI PRO can easily be performed by simply replacing the FAS-DIGI Compact dark box with the FAS-DIGI PRO dark box.

Advantages of the FAS-DIGI PRO dark box:

  • Power supply for transilluminator and camera
  • Intuitive and easy-to use imaging software included
  • Network compatibilit
  • Additional white LED table for protein detection included

Do you have a question regarding the upgrading or other features? Please contact us at:

FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact upgradeThe FAS-DIGI Compact hood (left) and the FAS-DIGI PRO hood (right) are used with the same transilluminator (middle).

FastGene® FAS-DIGI gel imaging system comparison table:
FastGene® FAS-DIGI Compact
FastGene® FAS-DIGI PRO (link)
FAS-DIGI Compact Gel Imaging System
FAS-DIGI PRO Gel Imaging System
High-quality camera Canon 250D, 24 MPixel (Resolution: 6000×4000), APS-C Sensor DIGIC 8 Processor, WiFi enabled, rotable and swiveling touch-screen display Canon 250D, 24 MPixel (Resolution: 6000×4000), APS-C Sensor DIGIC 8 Processor, WiFi enabled, rotable and swiveling touch-screen display
TransiIlluminator Built-in Blue-Green light source
Viewing are: 26 cm x 21 cm
Built-in Blue-Green light source
Viewing are: 26 cm x 21 cm
Power supply (for transilluminator and camera) Yes
Imaging software Yes
Network compatibility Yes
White LED table (for protein detection) Yes
Viewing Window Amber Filter Viewing Window
Dimensions (H x L x W) 50 cm x 35 x 32.5 cm 57 cm x 35 cm x 32.5 cm


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Video for the FAS-DIGI Compact Gel Imaging System


Camera type Canon 250D, 24 MPixel (Resolution: 6000×4000),
APS-C Sensor DIGIC 8 Processor,
WiFi enabled,
rotable and swiveling touch-screen display
Image sensor APS-C sized CMOS Sensor
Resolution/Image size 6000 x 4000 pixel (24 MPixel)
Bit output format 8-bit
Aperture F/4-5.6
Lens 18-55 mm zoom lens, manual
Exposure time 0.00025 to 30 seconds
Filter FastGene Amber Filter for the lens
Access Front door, 180° opened
Filter FastGene Amber Filter Shield
Built-in Blue-Green light source 470-520 nm
View area 26 cm x 21 cm
Material Painted aluminum metal
Rated voltage 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz, A
Dimensions (H x L x W) 50 cm x 35 cm x 32.5 cm
Weight 7.4 kg



Manual – FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact

Product Flyer

Flyer – FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact


Brochure – Gel Documentation  Systems


Product video – FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact (3:24 min)


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