FastGene Blue/Green LED Flashlight


FastGene® Blue/Green LED Flashlight for DNA/RNA visualisation in agarose gels.

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Cat. No. FG-11 1 pcs


Blue Green LED Technology

Visualize your gel with the new FastGene® Blue/Green LED Flashlight. It is equipped with the same Blue/Green LED technology used in the FastGene® Blue/Green Transilluminator. The FastGene® Blue/Green Flashlight has all the benefits from the LED light, such as harmless to your skin and to your DNA sample, as well as the signal intensity previously only seen on UV-light transilluminators.

Detect GFP-Transfections

Additionally, it is possible to detect GFP expression without the use of the harmful UV-light. The light of the LEDs is able to ultrapass tissues enabling the detection of internally expressed GFP (see below).

GFP detection in vivo using LEDs

Easy detection of DNA bands while performing the electrophoresis

Save your precious time and detect if the desired DNA is present while the electroforesis is running. Why wait for whole run if you can see the results after a few minutes?

Excising DNA bands made easy

The gel documentation system or the transilluminator is blocked – again? And you only wanted to cut out the band? Another advanatge of using the flashlight: with the accessories cutting board and the stand (FAS-GPST) anyone can cut a gel anywhere!


Wavelenght LED’s 480-530 nm
LED position below , below working area
Accesories included 1x FastGene® Amber flashlight filter

1x Stand inkl. Cutting Board (FAS-GPST)


White Paper - In vivo fluorescent protein detection


Is the stand included with the FG-11 FastGene Blue/Green LED Flashlight? Will the amber shield work with RFP and other dyes?

Yes, the stand is included. The amber shield filters only the blue light. Hence all colours from 530nm will be visible (green, yellow, red)

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  1. Dr. V. Lohmann, Institut für Molekulare Virologie, Universität Heidelberg

    We just had a presentation of the flashlight. With Midori green it worked even in daylight.

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